A slice of me!

Ready for future versions 

I am ready for the future versions of ourselves to make themselves known. I am ready for what lay ahead. Many options present themselves at this time. 

My focus is to be present in this moment. I will know. It will blantently obvious when the next move presents itself. 

For now the non-profit & getting it established is priority. Our first rounds of donations and gathering have been wondeful. Especially considering the numbers of those who have stepped forward to help. We have a great amount of things to place in our first round of Giving bags and the donations for the kiddos going back to school are also rolling in. 

Curious what they heck I’m talking about? Check out Seeds of Giving

I’m digging back into study mode. Lots of reading, reading and more reading. Our kiddos here are getting back into swing with their work. 

Life is good. Lots going on, but it’s okay. We’ve got this. Some days better than others. That’s just fine. 

I am pretty excited, for what is ahead. I want to share more and write further. My phone is alarming it is time for bed. I do have jury duty tomorrow morning. I suppose I better listen. 

Beautiful night. Blessings abound. 


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