A slice of me!

Why ask, if you want to hear your answer? 

To be asked an opinion about something and immediately get shushed because your opinion doesn’t align with the answer they are seeking, or the answers that make them feel comfortable these kinds of interactions absolutely leave me baffled. I mean seriously, Why ask? 
If something does not speak truth within you, leave it be. Chalk it up to coffee talk, random conversation, or getting to know someone and leave what does not resonate. You don’t have to go out of your way to show disgust with rolling eyes, or speaking about how wrong and evil I am for believing in the tools that God has blessed me with. You could just listen. 

 It is possible to just listen with an engaged ear and not imprint this new found information in your heart. My path is not your path, nor should it ever be. 

Oy! Human problems. 

I myself get drunk in this divine dance of synchronicity, this way my life tends to play. Unbeknownst to me, my prior post was suiting me up for the conversation I was getting ready to embark on just hours after publishing. 

It is no surprise. None the less I enjoy reflecting on all that happens in my existence. Always ready for an opportunity to grow. 


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