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I am not a blogger.

So, after months of not posting it has finally come to me that I am not a blogger. LOL shocker, right? I mean come on, I post like once in a blue moon, I am obviously not a blogger.

I couldn’t think of a title. So, there you have it folks. This is what you get. I like this to be my venting space. I love to journal but my poor carpals don’t always like my death grip on my inking device, aka pen. Typing helps.

I put too much damn pressure on myself in most everything I do. Having spoke to a publishing specialist once who told me to engage in EVERY format I do daily, I hear those words and clam up. No more, I say, NO MORE!! As of my last post I vented and explained how my babes were my main focus for the next 13 years. It feels good to have peace with what you have, exactly in the current moment of time. I feel good. This is still the focus but that doesn’t mean I don’t have shit to say and release.

I also tailor this page a bit too much because I know I have some family eyes that peak this way. I am learning to wear my tigress stripes a bit more and more, the older I get I remind myself that I can respect my elders and still be an adult. Having a giant kid like heart I sometimes forget that I am actually anย adult.ย At thirty-one it still makes me chuckle to think I am an adult.

I remember being 12 and thinking thirty was SO OLD. Boy, how wrong was I. I still don’t feel like I have peaked in this life.

Life, its fun to ponder on ones existence.

I really could not ask for more in life at this time. This synchronicity I get to dance in daily, I am in awe. To have an impact on the lives of others in a fashion to help them grow is magical. It is beyond fulfilling. Daily my connection to God deepens. I see and feel source in ALL. I am at peace. No matter where this life takes me, the trials and the triumphs, I am at peace during it all.

It has taken me years of reflection to get this point. Years of letting go of control. Years of letting go of comparison. Years of letting go of the strains society has on most. Years of stepping away from a system and learning to just be. Years of finding complete self love. Years of learning to control the EGO and learn better ways to process. Years of growth.

The growing doesn’t stop here. The growing on this human journey never stops. If there is anything I know through all of my adventures and explorations, through all of my readings and conversations it is this: we know nothing.

I do know ONE thing…I am not a blogger. bwahahaha..๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿค“๐Ÿ˜‰

Till next time folks. I am going to work on keeping this a bit more raw. Sharing mom moments, life venting, and whatever else pops into this brain to be translated by these fast typing little fingers.

We shall see…

Kisses~ Shanda K




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