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Life is grand…

Mmmm…life sure is grand. I know I do not seem to flow in this space, or that space, or any one space for very long. I am what most  may call a, “free spirit”.  As of lately I have been focusing on the important stuff. It can be easy to get sucked into the society trap. I am absolutely guilty of getting sucked into the worry of what my piers, family, and who ever else you want to throw in there may feel about the way I do things.

I am who I am and I stand strong in that, but I am also extremely empathic to others. It comes with many strong exchanges of energy. It can be a lot to process. Thank goodness for my Virgo stubbornness and analytical mind to sort all those feels out. Which are mine, which are not?

I used to worry (like 3 months ago, tehe) over what would flow here on the blog. I would worry over how many times I was posting (not at all) for the sake of “making a name for myself”.  Engaging with ones audience daily is the best way to create and grow a brand or name. This I do understand, it does work.

However, Eric and I both had an epiphany, our audience at the moment is our children. This is who now we should really be engaging with, before we don’t have that time so heavily any longer.

As previous post mentioned I have been working on building this warrior woman series/gathering.  We have been working on finding our  niche with photography and our refurbishing biz. Things honestly have been flowing great. Enough clients and sessions booking to make ends meet and then some. We are truly blessed.

The catalyst for all of it to flow was the release of control, it has been flowing these last few months simply because I just accepted things as they were. I stopped worrying over things I could not control and learned to  just let things be.Weeks that were slow I appreciated the time with my kids. The week to follow always provided the calls and sales we needed to build accounts and create more.

To reside in faith fully there is so much peace. To reside in complete gratitude and grace for the time God has given us on this Earth, it is a beautiful thing.

We are young parents. I always knew I would be a young mom. I often said growing up I did not want to be an old parent and I would not have kids past twenty-seven (not knowing at 9 how young 27 was,LOL) well ask and you shall receive; I had my last child at the age of 27. I am still happy for manifesting things this way. I see now why. Agh, the beauty of divine reflection.

At the age of 44 I will be done raising my children. Or, I will have at least raised them all to a point that they will be off and doing their own things. FOURTY-FOUR! That is so young. I will have so much time to build all these dreams and desires that I have when it comes to making this name and brand for myself. We aren’t stopping by any means just re-wiring our main focus for now. Allowing things to flow. Appreciating the few short years we have left with our kids.

Louise Hay, of Hay House Productions, did not create Hay House until she was 60 years old! For now, it is time to give focus on those babes. In 13 more years they will all be “adults”. That is  nothing in the realms of space time. Nothing. That will happen in a moments time. I cannot believe my oldest will be thirteen in February.


As humans we hurry too much. Always in a hurry to do this or that. Always in a hurry to keep up with society. Working to never enjoy. Jumping out of bed, headed to jobs one hates, to go home; sleep & repeat. Is this what God had in mind for giving us life?

Sure, I understand we are the experience race. We are sources way to learn. Versions of creator. Tiny creators of creator. Is wake, work, & worry the experience you are truly here to gain? Creations plan for you?

I know that is not what I am here to learn. That is not all I plan to experience and capture. There is so much this life has to offer by simply letting go of the need to control. It’s magical.

It is even more magical to get lost in the thought that three spirits chose me. I was the vessel in which they chose to enter. I think thats pretty darn amazing. They are worth far more than these next thirteen years, but as all babes do, they too will grow up and go on to live their own journey. I appreciate the sight to see that I have so much life to give them, and I will have so much life after to achieve all of my desires for this realm.

I am living my dream. Sure the ideas of grandeur are great aspirations, if they came to fruition it would be a journey indeed.  I have more than I could have ever imagined at this point in life. Life truly is grand. My focus is clear. My faith stronger than it has ever been before. This connection with God, with Spirit, is purely divine.

It can be easy, as a human, to get sucked into this need for more, for bigger and better. Hurrying from one thought and idea to the next, never stopping to just enjoy ones breath. Missing the lives of our loved ones. Missing the life of your own.

Learning to let things fall into God’s timing is a beautiful feeling. To dance in the flow of synchronicity is magical. To see beyond what most human minds can grasp is indescribable. Tap into the power of the universe, the power of self! Tap into all that is you! Your life is grand too!! I am sure you have much to be thankful for. Live life in this attitude of gratitude and watch your world transform.

Beautiful day to you friends. Sending love to each and every one of you!!

Kisses~ Shanda K

img_9843Look at these beautiful babes of ours. I cannot express how much gratitude I have in my heart that Eric and I were blessed with the ability to experience our children growing up. Sure, doing big great things with my life would be awesome. But, raising three kind, caring, and loving little beings is pretty great too. My heart is full. Our cups runneth over.







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