Day 2 Day Mumbo Jumbo... · Pondering Thoughts

The Warrior Woman

I am woman. Hear me roar! Divine feminine energy IS rising. A shift is taking place.

Strong, I am standing in who I  came to be. My intention and purpose is clear. I am connected in a way I have never experienced before. Thankful I am for this space in time. Thankful I am for it all.

 A masculine and feminine resides within us all. Balance is key. 

One of my mantras and daily prayers is this:  that those who need me will find me, and those I need, I  will find.

I am adding this one, thank you Tiffany Peterson! She is a sales and success coach that I would strongly recommend! Look her up on FB & IG.

“I add value where ever I go whether I get paid or not.” ~Tiffany Peterson

We create the lives we live. We have a choice. Confidence is a choice. Taking action is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Anger is a choice. Often as humans we go the route of we were pushed to that point. Sure, there are always lessons hiding in the dark.Contrast is necessary. But, we have a choice to react or not. We have the choice to take imperfect action toward our dreams each day. Life is full of choices. We hold the key. We have the power.

Let us be visual creators together! Let us change the world. BE a conscious creator.

Honing in, more and more I am shown the way I need to travel. A new adventure awaits me. Each day meeting new people, and finding new adventures to embark on. The newest, The Warrior Woman Series: A series built around empowerment and the art of love.

I feel a flow in the things I am being lead to teach. For a few years now I have been told that I am to teach. I did not know how, or what this information  would obtain, but I was constantly being told that I must teach. I now have the confidence to do so,  I had to take my  own power back.

 Yet another transformation is upon me. Life is grand! I am ready to spread my wings. 

What is The Warrior Woman Series?

The warrior woman is grounded, strong, & confident. She nurtures, encourages, & loves those she meets. She does no harm, but she takes no shit. Centered and accepting of the divine feminine energy that is rising through our existence, she sees a new way is upon us. She sees. Ready to go into 5D, 6D, 7D and beyond.

This series is not just for women.( Although that is who I seem to be called to work with.) It  can benefit anyone. ultimately it is finding the inner warrior within us all. Living ones purpose. I am a warrior woman. This is what I have to share, this is what I came to give.

Men must learn to accept their feminine energy. They must learn to soften, and know it is okay to hold a nurturing bone.To allow their emotions. To see that if they want to be treated like a king, they must honor their queen. This goes just the same for the ladies. Many women need to find their voice. Ladies grab your tits and say, “let’s do this thang”! With a man, or not!! Men you know the latter, well pick em’ up and do your thang too! 😉

Significant others are great, but this series is about honoring self first, then going forth and sharing that love and your authentic self with those in your existence.  Many things will be covered. One thing that those who complete, and put to practice the things we learn can know for certain is life will begin to change. It will open up in ways unimaginable.  I’m sure many will be shocked at how quickly this change takes place. But, don’t take my word for it! Try it!! Live it!! Step into you purpose, your path, and your calling.

What is your why? Your fuel?

I am here to serve. I want to gain more, so that I may give more. I accept the seed planter that I am. I am proud of the journey I am embarked on. My why, is all of you, is this place (our home).

I am only a messenger. The teacher is spirit. I am one of many channels. I hope to help many tune into their own unique path and journey through this warrior woman series. I will help all whom happen upon my life. Placed for a reason. I too gain and learn much from all of them.  I love listening and seeing people glimmer in light as things flow, as I look and listen in their lives. Living led, following what I am guided to do, helping those who ask for help to tune in.

I am here to help.

Standing up for self. Standing proud of self. It is time for women to take their power back. A portal between worlds, there is much magic within. Women are much stronger than we have been led to believe for eons now. We have been silenced for far too long.

I was asked by my mother in law if I wanted to keep “fighting”? Did  I want to carry the energy of a warrior in my series name? Did I want to perpetuate or create that energy?


Till the day I must move to another form, I will fight for women to find their voice, to see their strength, to help them tap into the warrior women that they are. When men can step into their feminine energy and ask for help, when they can see their emotions do not make them weaker, I of course will help them too.

A light warrior resides in us all. Tap into this energy. Discover what this means for you. Live your purpose. Love your temple. Explore what life has to offer. Learn to process fear & negative based emotions in a healthier way. Travel to ones highest self. Gather with those of like mind. Create time for self.

This is what The Warrior Woman series has to offer. This is just a taste of what is getting ready to form!

I am networking like crazy! Getting out there. Looking for a space that I feel the jive. In the meantime writing and working on materials for class numero Uno! Setting clear and specific goals, and daily continuing my journey to the mastered self.

Thank you to all who have joined me on this journey. I am in awe of each and every one of you!! ❤ Be sure to create and proclaim that in which you desire during this special 8 filled month.






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