Day 2 Day Mumbo Jumbo... · Pondering Thoughts

Transformation isn’t easy.

My guided meditation classes are going very well. Each month new faces appear. Those who attend are sharing with friends their journey of transformation and growth. They are meeting their power animals and awakening divine feminine energy. Divine feminine energy IS rising.

The message has been clear. YOU ARE ENOUGH! I work primarily with women. Not that I would not work with men. It is just not who spirit is bringing to me at this time. It can be difficult for women to feel worthy and enough. Especially when awakening to this new-found spiritual ability of sorts in this current space and time.

I hear from many, ” I thought meditation was easy, I thought this path towards ones highest self would be easier”. I am not sure which self-help book or teacher they were led to first, but I can assure you all that it is by no means easy. It does become easier, I suppose. Is life easy?

My life is laid back, it is filled with joy, it has a divine serendipity that naturally flows. I am just not sure easy would be the adjective I use. Any how, I am getting off track.

Does life become easier as we grow and transform?

What I believe does happen is perceptions change, we grow and become wiser, we start to view life through different eyes. Making what once was difficult now different. It doesn’t mean that awakened or connected people don’t cry or get angry. In fact we must all accept the dark that is in each of us. Feminine and masculine, we all encompass both. Light and dark is within us all.

It is up to each individual to decide what he or she will perpetuate. Fear or Love. 

When the veil is lifted, when you begin to see the magic, The ride does become glorious. I may see it as easy, but that does not mean the next person will. It also doesn’t mean I don’t have shit-tastic days that I just want to crawl into my bed and retreat from the problems and pressures of our world.

Life happens. Things we can’t explain, and probably shouldn’t know. Humans over complicate things, it happens. Day to-day shit can sometimes get you down. Life is not easy. It is amazing. It is one helluva ride. It is great! I feel blessed to touch this existence for as long as I can. But, lets not be silly here…this transformation game takes WORK! Like serious break down every piece of your being and reflect on all that is within and of you, around you, and deeper. You then break open the surface and are uploaded with more information than one knows what to do with. One begins seeing things, unseen. Unheard of to many!

This stuff isn’t easy to process. It is overwhelming, and tough. It is also rewarding and fulfilling.  Perceptions change, one grows and transforms. Give yourself credit for the hard work and self-reflection taking place. If someone tells you it is easy, they have never walked in your shoes. This shit TAKES WORK! It does not happen over night. Transformation isn’t easy!

My life is mainly wonderful and beautiful. Even when I feel enraged and passionate about something I see the beauty of release, the process of growth to follow. Becoming now stronger than just before that freak out moment, thanks to the ability to truly reflect on self that always follows. Each freak out, each break down and bawl moment, I become stronger. Sure, it can suck. But, do you see how perception changes within just a few sentences of looking at it a different way? Do you see?

The month of August is an 8 month. Abundance. Be sure to speak the vibration of that in which you desire. Remember to wake each day giving thanks for the breath that fills your lungs. The month of July has taken many of the people I once knew. Some of them I had close bonds with, others it was a close bond for just a moment. All of them young. A few decided it was their time to leave. So many a tragic accident. Six people left this Earth in the month of July. Three of them this year. It was a tough reminder that our moments here are short. A tough reminder that we should be thankful for every day we wake up and take in another breath.

As humans we get so bogged down on trivial things. Things that really don’t matter. All the while negating those around us that bring us joy. Forgetting the beauty and magic of nature that surrounds us. We deny the magic that surrounds us daily, the magic in our breath. Breathing in the atoms of those before us. The same atoms that our ancestors inhaled, and exhaled.

This life is full of wonder. This life is full of adventure. This journey of transformation and connecting with ones highest self, TAKES WORK! Find the magic, do the work. LOVE.

Give yourself credit for the work you have put into place. Send yourself love. Take time for self. YOU ARE ENOUGH! YOU ARE WORTH IT! Here is where the word easy does come in…take it easy on yourself. Get it out of your head that this path is easy. All who walk this Earth struggle in some way. Our perceptions change and we choose how to handle things, it does not mean it does not bring a struggle.

Be gentle with yourself. Love yourself. You do not need to change over night. Heck you don’t need to change at all. Unless your highest self is calling you. You have the power. You hold the key! Belive in yourself.

INVEST in YOURSELF! Take time to connect. Honestly self reflect. Know that transformation takes work. And most days we just need to sit with a tree and absorb the yumminess that flows through. Now, that is easy. 😉

Have a beautiful week friends and even better weekend!

Kisses~ Shanda K




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