Day 2 Day Mumbo Jumbo... · Pondering Thoughts

Random thoughts. Nothing more.

It has taken me many years ( and I am not quite 100% there) to gain my woman voice. Silenced for so long, it took many mantras and tons of self love to see my voice was worth being heard. Through this process I also learned the value in silence. We do not have to “fight” every battle we face. There will be times that it is just better to walk. There will be many times, where one must be heard!

Find your passion, and live it. Balance is key.

The energies in our world are raging from one extreme to the next. Hang on fellow light workers and warriors, we are in for a ride. You are not alone in this feeling and urge to do more, yet also lay low and just observe. What are we to do with this? Accept it, that is the best answer I have right now.

Like the saying goes, it must get worse before it gets better. I wish we could convince those still riding the 3D wave that it doesn’t have to get worse to get better. I also see that things really aren’t getting worse, we are merely being shown more.

There is no denying that our world is suffering. There is also no denying that a huge shift is upon human existence. The information coming in cannot be hidden or denied. Too many are being uploaded. Too many babes coming in with new information. I see daily people “waking up”, seeing the need for “something more”, seeing the need for a change. People asking different questions. Seeking answers. Searching for love, and connecting to self in ways they have never done before.

I feel weary and nervous when I think upon what is to come. I am quickly reminded I cannot help perpetuate fear. I must stand grounded, in love. I must push that which I desire for this place, out. Don’t be naive friends, stay educated and in the know of what is taking place. But don’t stay tuned in. Don’t constantly absorb just that. If you are blessed enough to live in a place not overcome by war, and hate. Are you enjoying this paradise? This blessing? Or are you overcome with the news.

Change your vibration. Change your life.

This time in this existence has me pondering on so much.

Lost an old friend yesterday in a tragic accident. We just don’t know what this life will hold for us. When we will go? How long will we stay? Nothing is for certain. I am certain on this for as much as I feel I have learned in this existence, I know nothing at all.

Living led. Sharing my truth. Random thoughts.

Nothing more.


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