Day 2 Day Mumbo Jumbo...

Life is a spiral.

In recent days I have found it necessary to take it back to the basics. Back to reading self-help books. Back to journal writing more, truly for self. Back to stepping away from technology. Back to realizing that one doesn’t have to heal the world every day of ones life.

As what Doreen Virtue describes as an “Earth Angel” we feel this immense pressure and pull to solve the problems of the world. We have this urge to please and help in any way that we can. We often say sorry a lot and feel the need to do what we can to make things better. We want to heal, heal, and heal some more.

I’ve also now reached 40 days of the family constellation session I attended. I can now speak of it. Revelations, releasing, and self-reflection  all took place. Today I spoke to those from my past that once brought tension, today I spoke with ease. I feel the shift, I see the difference. I have gained exactly what I needed for this next phase.

Life is a spiral. There will be times we have to come back to situations and things to truly let them go and release. Times when we must come back to things to become stronger. Times when we come back through the same kinds of energies because our lives are trying to meld with the lives of others around us. Things spiral up, then they spiral down. Back and forth we ride this vortex of life in human form.

When one can learn to see this magic at play, To truly be able to set ones emotions aside and self reflect in honesty; we can then tap into this wonder and ride this spiral, up and UP! or through and through. There is no up or down or side to side in this energy I speak of. But to wrap ones humans minds around it, we are ascending up! Up and into the light.

Living in the light does not mean there is no darkness. It means you can perceive why it is there. Do no harm, and take no shit. This is the way of living authentically. The way of living in the light. Standing firm in who you are. Learning that we are enough by simply being. Yes, being! To be. Do you know what this means? To simply BE.

It is a glorious state, and one I had negated for a bit. It can be easy to get caught in worry, in drama, and in what ifs. Each of us will allow this to take its toll in our minds a time or two in this existence. It is inevitable in these meat suits.

I am happy to find myself spiraling back up and into center with my vortex. Mama has her groove back and it feels oh so good. I am glad that period of reflection and more internal growth is now passed. Onto bigger and better, well onto more at least. I am sure it too will have its ups and downs; tis life.

I am happy to be on my spiral of life. You should be happy for yours too. When one can view life as an experience and ride worth taking it truld does open up.When we can entrust and find ease knowing that our lives will come equipped with thrills, and twist, dips and turns, magic and wonder. A story being written in the stars. See the magic in your present moment. In your story playing out.

Go easy on yourself when life seems to spiral out of control. Take it back to the basics. Reading more. Laughing more. Stressing less. Breathing. Breath. Breathing, so much YES! Write and journal more. BE present more! Put down the phones. Step away from the screens. Start your day with a different tune than before. (If the tune you are dancing to just doesn’t seem to be grooving)

Life is a spiral. It is not black and white. This or that. Do not dwell. Do not worry. Simply, BE! The answers you see will present themselves if you get out and seek. Presently. Ask, and you shall receive. But, you must match the energy, frequency, and vibration of that in which you seek.

What are you focused on?



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