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Ask, Seek, and knock…life is waiting for you!

Trying something new. One of my mantras as of late.

I start each  morning, head to my email and social media. I Check them. Decide if I am going to post. I do my morning rituals, each morning lead slightly differently than the next. Eric and I usually have an hour or two of great coffee talk before we wake the kids to begin our daily lessons and excursions.

For many years now I have been consistent with allowing the flow of my writing in “short” (for me haha) spurts on social media. Hoping to plant seeds. Whatever seeds are flowing through me, I plant. I have done so also with the idea and working toward being a published author. The publishing specialist I spoke to with Balboa Press gave me one major bit of advice ( the self publishing side to Hay House). The number one piece of advice I was given was to engage with my audience. So, I kept doing it in the avenues that were already going strong.

Today, I am trying something new! I started off posting away in my normal fashion on either FB or IG. I stopped myself and then decided to copy, paste, delete, and continue here. =)

Beautiful card for the day…WIN_20160508_07_43_57_Pro
Ask, and you will be given what you ask for. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened. For everyone who asks, receives. Anyone, who seeks, finds. -Matthew 7:7
Ask, and you will be given what you ask for:
Hurrah!! So this means all we have to do is ask for whatever we want and we will get it, right? We can just think things up and it will appear. 😉
Well, we haven’t reached that oneness in society yet, and thanks to that mustard seed of doubt we cannot quiet yet do this consistently (it does happen). Manifesting is real, and we can bring forth all we desire when one changes their perception and believes. It does take work. It doesn’t have to take  an exuberant amount of effort. There is a difference. One must also match the same vibration of what you seek. You can’t ask for more money and view it as the root of all evil. Perspective is key in this “asking/law of attraction game”
Now, we must remember we have this thing called free will. Life, God, Our Creator does not waiver and decide for us  if what we are asking for is good for us or not. As humans we tend to get bogged down on specific verbiage rather than seeing things in its simplest form. Asking includes thinking. Think and you will be given, repeat daily and you will be given. It is also a good thing we don’t just quickly manifest our thoughts in a blink of an eye. Just think about some of the F*ed up crap our mind spurts out from time to time. Perhaps our mouths too.
 Say it aloud with me, “Ask, and you will be given”. Do you hear it now? If not,
That which is like itself is drawn. What things are you focusing on? What kind of attitude do you carry with you day to day.
Seek, and you will find!
Both what you desire and what you need. Get out the door and away from the desk. Get off the couch, and away from the tube. Search for something more than the parameters of day to day life (work and home, work and home, work and home this is what life looks life for most, not all.) Knock, on the great big beautiful home(Earth) that we have been blessed to habitat and see what she provides. Are you ready? Are you there to answer life’s calls! Life is waiting for you! Yes, YOU!! However, we must arrive to receive them. One must SEEK!
When we have questions to the challenges in life, or perhaps we ask what is next? When we get out and just experience life, make connections, volunteer your time; one will be amazed at the doors that begin to open. The eloquent dance of synchronicity begins to play! It is so much fun, to dance and play!!
One must also seek their faith. With out faith much of what I am talking about will seem frivolous and silly. I am not here to tell you where you faith lies. I will allow you to define this for your self. I have already shared where I stand. I will continue to do so in many forms. I believe I am to walk, in the best way I know how, following the footsteps of Christ. To love with all of my being, for all of my days. I understand we all hold different paths. I understand there are many branches from a single tree. I am not here to question your belief system. If you practice compassion, and love, and understanding (this includes to self) than you are arriving my friend.Your life too will fall into place the more that you believe(it will).
  Won’t you dance and play with me? Our home is waiting for all of us to join in this dance. 
Knock, and the door will be opened.
Don’t be afraid to ask, to try, to explore. When you get to this part in the “game” you are really moving and grooving. Taking action and setting things into motion in ones life. The more you try = more doors. It really is all that simple. There are countless books on the topics of living lead and being available in the present. I strongly recommend finding one that resonates with you, and read it! Knock, baby knock!! 😉 Ask, and seek all of your days!
Okay, you don’t have to all of your days. Days of rest, reflection, and relaxation are a must too! Don’t feel guilty when you have days of doing nothing. There is purpose in those days too! Don’t live there though!! Balance, we must all find it. It is most often when life is off kilter that we begin to see stress and all that it brings forth. Never stopping to smell the flowers in the middle, or simply experience nature. Oh, what magic nature can bring! Definitely knock on those doors!!

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