A slice of me!

A pleasant wake-up call….

Good morning and happy 4-20 to all of you! I am excited about this Friday’s full moon Earth day celebration on the 22nd of the month! Wow, what a wonderful day it will be. I will be leading my 4th Friday Sound healing and guided meditation at the Circle on the Square Holistic Life Center, which we gather for every 4th Friday in Springfield, MO. Join us if you are in the area!

Yesterday I awoke to a phone a call that I did not reach in time. Followed by three messages.


Call me,

I am coming over!” 

Responded by, “whoa just waking up, what is going on? ”

“Goats” Baby goats!”

My friend’s father’s goats were having babies. This particular goat had 4! Holy smokes 4 kids! We missed the first two but came in the barn just as she was cleaning them.

It was the whole Kloster crew, our friend Erin and her daughter, and fathers soon to be wife. We decided to go and look at the new piglets they had and visit the the smaller goats up the hill. We were heading to the barn loft to check out an indoor play ground when I had a feeling we needed to go back to the goat barn. There were now three!! Mama seemed to be delivering a fourth. She pushed kid number 4 out and it only came half way out of the canal. She was exhausted and just lay there, could not push any more. I set my camera down in a dash and pulled baby out the rest of the way. I had assisted long ago in a calf birth but never goats. Boy is their sac thick! I ripped it open further, baby did not seem to be moving, mama usually eats it away, but she was wore out. We were able to remove all that was needed and get baby taking that first breath. Phew, happy sigh. We placed baby near her so she would clean them the rest of the way. 4 kids!! Holy smokes!

We were nervous of the possibility of what seemed to be a 5th, which is extremely rare. Thank goodness for Miss Edna, four is all there was, which is still a lot.

What a wonderful wake up call to receive in the morning. I know that is every day life for those who live on a farm, but since my days on the pig farm in Hawaii as a young girl that kind of excitement has been only here and there. I was happy to get grounded in that way again.

I feel myself finding center. Becoming centered, focused and the path before me becoming clearer and clearer every day. Showing up to serve, telling myself each day. Use me God, use me. Tapping into my highest self and all I came here to be. I have been writing effortlessly in every format, except this one. My twitter even has more activity than this often does. Why I put the pressure on the blog in the way I do is beyond me. I chalk it up to being human. Tehe. Journal entries and manuscript time is good time too. I just like to write. I like to think. I love to learn. To grow. To share. I have a touch more editing to the pictures and need to get them into Jpeg so I can share. I will update pics of those kids tomorrow. I am off to bed. I just told myself I WAS going to get this posted. I started it yesterday. Finishing it before bed this evening.

Nighty-night fellow travelers. Kisses~ Shanda K



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