A slice of me!

Integrity. Passion. Service.

Hello everyone. I hope you have had wonderful weekends. I sure did. I am just returning home from this years Nature’s Sunshine Convention. It was exactly what I needed to help ignite the start to Eric and I managing more fully the family health food store. The plethora of information and knowledge that this company trains us with is amazing. I am beyond ready for more. They recently launched a new program In.Form, this program is going to change the way people view natural medicine. It focuses on lowering one metabolic age and reversing the effects of metabolic dysfunction,( which 1 in 2 people suffer from). I cannot wait to start myself on Wednesday so that I can better share with those I coach. I am going to use my more “private” platform, my blog, to record this journey. SO…I will share more on this incredible patented pending, clinically studied program. I will be sharing it through my self journey through the 13 week program myself. I am elated.Stay tuned.

What else have I been up to? Hmm..

I bought myself a handy 4in1 Hp. Writing is increasing. As much as I love pen to paper, my wrist need a break from the things that want to flow. I love that I have wrote significantly more since the 12th. I do like being efficient and organized just as much as I like being wild and carefree.This is allowing both! Huzzah!!

I call him Lil’ Henry Piggins, pun intended. 😉  Only 2.5 pounds the right size to put in my…oh wait for it…WIN_20160417_19_58_25_Prohandy dandy awesome new Nature’s Sunshine backpack I received at convention this weekend in Dallas, Texas. It was amazing!

This backpack is amazing. Has felted inner pouch to carefully carry Lil Harry Piggins like my little joey. Perfecto!

I am so grateful at what this company has done for my life. It literally saved me. I have been with them for sometime now. Having joined many other MLM’s in between and with a few still. This one was one I seemed to neglect sharing. Our family takes them faithfully. I have shared with the families we are close with. But I did not treat this company like the others. This company is no where near like the others. I know I recently posted about Younique, companies we plan to add to our health food store. NSP is already there but, we are expanding into the In.Form Wellness Coaching program. I am pumped and ready for the next phase of our families journey.

There are many things aligning and falling into place. It sure is amazing how eloquently life dances when we are tuned in, turned on, tapped in, and ready to just step out the door. We do not have to know exactly a plan. We just have to be willing to do something more than the day before. We just have to be willing to take forward movement toward your dreams every day. That may be by starting to be thankful for what is before you. Be grateful for what you have before you, for life, for air. There is absolutely something more out there for each and every one of us. You just have to step into the knowing that you are worth it. We all have a higher creator. Science has yet to show me how to take those amoeba and make us a man from scratch. Tap into the love energy we all are, tap in and see for yourself.

Show up to serve.

This is what I am here for. Showing up to serve. The title above is the motto of this company, our company. Integrity. Passion. Service. I am so fired up!! I am ready to help all of those I meet take back their lives. Our bodies are magnificent. What is here for us on the Earth is magnificent. This connection I feel to source is magnificent. The synchronicity that is flowing is magnificent. Wow, life is magnificent! Okay friends, I am off to start the morning. I will be. I will be. I will be writing in this format more. I am pushing it out there and Lil Harry Piggins is helping a lot. 😉


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