Day 2 Day Mumbo Jumbo...

Reflection of an empath


“The Move” post is coming. For now life has me reflecting on what is next.

Can two people love each other, and still be wrong for one another? Or, is it simply too difficult to make things work with an empath, like myself. Will I always feel the weight of the world come crashing? Will I always feel like I am trying to make those around me understand my strange ways? And through trying to get them to understand me, leave myself feeling more misunderstood then when I started.

Is this life for an empath?

“Those who can’t do, teach” 

Am I one of those people?

I am hard on myself. VERY hard on myself.

I am a VIRGO. It comes with the territory.

But, perhaps this is my truth. Because I so intently and strongly absorb the feelings and energies of others, and the world; Is this what life is going to look like? Is it time to accept that there may be days that I just down right explode because this world is a lot to fucking handle at times? Will I ever truly be understood?

When I only half-ass understand this world of being an empath myself.

How in the hello could I ever make some understand the way I feel. Is it our jobs to try to get people to understand? Does it matter?

When it is ones partner, it matters a little; doesn’t it? Or does it?

The advice I so often give is to live for oneself. If I am worried about people understanding me, am I living for me?

Ugh, I have a headache.

My brain hurts.

Some days suck. Today is one of them.

That’s okay. Reassurance to myself, YOU ARE OKAY!

There is always tomorrow. If not tomorrow, another day.

The end.




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