A slice of me! · Pondering Thoughts

Epiphanies of love…

Lately, my nights have been filled with tossing and turning. This, from time to time, is a common occurrence for me, insomnia. Usually, it is frustrating to lay there awake when our world sleeps. Last night was different…
As I lay there, thinking “I wish I could get comfortable”, I was suddenly struck with the thought of everyone who was stuck in the elements on this cold fall night. I began to think of those drifting to sea, in hopes to find sanctuary. I thought of those walking thousands of miles, with no direction, not even sure where the next step will take them, and reminded myself; I am warm, AND comfortable. Sleep, is the last of my worries as a human. Yet, this is what I lay there fretting over in the early morning hours of November the 18th.
Guilty, and spoiled, are the feelings I felt next. How dare I lay on the comfort of our couch, in a climate controlled environment, and complain. I am reminded that I too am human, but still I felt shame.
Opinions, spewing from every direction on this platform. I choose to leave mine to myself. But, in this time, I will preach the message that I so often spit. LOVE, we must share and send love to every avenue you see fit. I am not here to start a debate, or war, so you send love to what feeds you most, to what fires you up, to where you see the world needs the most change. Send your love and prayer there!! Is there something on the physical level you can achieve for change? Do it!
What is here at the hometown level, that you can do to give back? To help make the movement, move? Stop just going through the steps, society tells you to take, YOU are here for so much more! YOU, yes YOU, are here to change the world. A piece of the puzzle, a part of the help, get on your path, stop focusing on the lives of others (unless you are there to help), and live to be YOU. What is your soul calling you to do? Where does your body want to take you? Volunteer your time, do something for someone, who can do nothing for you. Our world needs this now, more than ever.
This being said, it is time to get back to life. I can do nothing for the cause sitting here laden with worry and fear. What will be, will be, and the choice, I have, is to LIVE in the meantime. God will take me when the universe is ready. Not a second sooner or later. Fear gives those in power, the power, which I refuse to fuse that fight. I will counteract with love, compassion, and understanding. For this is what “they” fear most.
United we stand. Divided we fall.
Thanking spirit for always touching my heart, and speaking to me when I need it most. Gentle epiphanies of love, I love!
In this moment I send love to all of you. I send love to those who do not know how. I send love to those who cannot see its light. I send love to all the corners of the Earth, I send love throughout the galaxy. To my enemies, and the enemies of my enemies, I send love to you…Like a broken record, my song will always be. LOVE. I will die in love, this I know I am ready, this I know is my path.


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