A slice of me!

Flying free…

Agh, it’s Monday and here I sit not giving two shits about it being Monday, and that is fabulous. After spending the last 7 months waking on Monday’s to go back to the “real work world”, and now being 3 weeks into not having to do so, I think to myself “why the hell did I try to go back to the regular nine to five?”  It is for some, but it is not for me!!

Do you ever just sit and think on things like this: being sucked into hating or dreading Monday’s because of the energy that society has repeated and put out for so long? Or, longing for the weekend, why can’t we long for every day in life?

Is it not the way it should be? After all, time is an illusion and the days have names to make it easier for us all to coexist, to keep things a bit more harmonious. Perhaps Monday is Friday!?

To just wake each day happy to face just that, another day, doesn’t this sound like a grand way to live? To fly free and explore this great big existence, and whatever it has to offer to us, this is what life is about. To wake ready to live our dreams, or at least take steps toward making them happen.

But, this way of living has been lost to so many in the western world. We are all too worried about how much we can acquire, too worried about proving ourselves for the sake of others, too busy just taking the steps, and not truly living them. I know far too many who just take those steps because they are expected to, or feel that they have to because they are stuck, never really questioning self if they are living their desires. Fear prevents many, far too many.

It is time to fly free my friends. It is time to live to thrive and to come alive!! Stop letting fear and your EGO prevent you from doing that in which you desire. Don’t let the what if’s drown you. Focus on the present moment for this is where life happens. The past is already over, and there is no need to worry on something that may never be (besides you don’t want to manifest your worry either) So LIVE, here and in the NOW!

Be present in these current moments of life. For they could be our last at any moment. Take a proactive stance on something to help save this place, but even more so, to save yourself. If the world is truly coming to an end we mine as well enjoy as much as humanly possible, while we can. If it is not the end, we mine as well do all we can to take a stance to bring forth change. We can only do what we can with what we have at our current moment in time. The rest can wait.

Now IS important. The breath you are getting ready to take, the smile or frown that may arise from these words, the feeling you feel right NOW in this moment as you think on this thought is important. Why?

Because YOU are living it.

Do you like what you are living?

Fly free!! Explore. Be present. And stop dreading your days,and start living them..what ever that may look like to you….DO IT!!


Stop letting fear control you. Stop letting  EGO drown you in what if’s, remember YOU have a purpose, you came here for so much more! Live for you and the rest will fall into place. Fear is a liar! Live in faith that you will be provided for, and watch the beauty in life begin to unfold.

Lots of Love to all of you! I will have some NOLA fun to share in the few days ahead. Going there for Halloween this year again, and I am totally stoked! I love New Orleans!!

I love all of you!!

Kisses~Shanda K


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