A slice of me!

I’m so happy this last retrograde has passed. 

It’s amazing what happens in life when we love ourselves, and live to be who we came here to be. It’s even more amazing when you find someone who understands and appreciates this process, to share life with. (Thank you sweet Sexy, you are amazing, thank you for appreciating me for me) 

This Mercury Retrograde we are getting ready to exit out of has been quite a doozy. At the same token I appreciate all that came to light during this time. 

Reflection, blowups, and blowouts are all part of the process we call life. They are needed to show us what we honestly want out of these lives. What we need to learn to see is that, traumatic events help mold us. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at things. 

I’ve learned in this life that people change. Paths can grow apart and that doesn’t take away from the relationship. It doesn’t make it any less special or important. It simply means that it’s time for new. Time for something more. 

We all want new and more, until it comes knocking. Then fear takes control, and the “what ifs” run rampid. 

Breathe. Release. Ride the wave…

I am happy that the last retrograde this year has passed. I see now, why many suggest, not to make major decisions while things are in retrograde; minds are in a tizzy and panic it seems in this time. 

I’m back to my calm and centered state. A state I am working on achieving always. With each test and wave of lessons, I see clearer and clearer. I am able to truly define my life and who I came here to be through each ride. 

I’ve learned through this process of self discovery and reflection that sometimes tapping into our authentic selves, can even shock self. But, I can assure you it is all worth it! It is always worth it, to tap into who you came here to be. 

Be you always! The world needs you!! 

What really do we have to lose? If people do not get the real experience of you, who are they fond off? 

If not, you? 

Do you see? We need you. All of you. Whatever it looks like. 

Take me as I am. Leave me where I be. 

That is what I really drove home for self this retrograde. It was like my last hurrah to not giving a shit any longer the opinions of others. I’m ready to put myself fully out there. 

No more hiding I do readings. No more hiding the goddess that I am. No more worry about what society will think. No more doing things the “same” as all the rest. 

I’m ready to shake things up. I feel alive and rested. I took full advantage of napping during retrograde.

Mm mm…naps. 

  Sky gaze with me at this dragon in the sky. 
Nighty-night. Shanda K 


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