Day 2 Day Mumbo Jumbo...

Bits of goodness for my soul. 

I love how blogging, journaling, and all of that goodness always seems to provide just what one needs. When we go back and reread our very own words, we see the messages, and codes we have left behind. It is rather beautiful. I love to journal. I am working on being as free in this space as I am in my journals.

There is just something special about a handwritten journal. A piece of me that I hold from many life times. I love handbound journals and a fabulous pen…eek! Pure joy in my life, right there. A weird personal high. Doodles amongst the words. Words amongst the doodles. Bliss!!

I look forward to one day gathering all of my journals and compiling a book. I know there is one stewing through out those pages. Many journals started. None fully complete.

I really like journals!! LOL It’s a borderline problem.

  Stop to see a world unseen. Stop, to write it down!!  


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