After spending some much needed time in the ocean, I am recharged and renewed. I feel amazing. I am ready for the neck journey that Spirit, God, Om, has for me. I was beginning to become off kiltered. Having recently began another journey one into sales and leasing, the real estate world, I was beginning to chase the dollar.

In my life, on this path, it does not work for me this way. My life was beginning to become out of balance. I was vearing from my path. I have always been one that can handle many things, just like I am not going to stop this journey I will get this license and add it to my journey of experiencing all that interest me. But, I have to remember why I chose to come here this time around. A servant to spirit.

Balance, it is key in all of our lives. Are you living for YOU? If you cannot answer this with a big ol’ YES, then you are out of balance, I assure you. Are you excited about the life you live? Are you living your passion, your desire, and your dreams?

If not, why not?

We came here to explore this big beautiful Earth, this place we call home, to love it and be one with it. Allow Spirit to take control. We all have God given talents. Something we are blessed with to share with the world. To share with all of us. We are all special, all a piece of the whole. We are one. One matrix. One giant mirror of one another. My life, created by self. Through my thoughts and the energy that I alone carry. Others in my life, in some way mirrors for myself, to see what I need to move forward. To learn and recognize what is needed within in me, through others, my sisters and brothers. This life. This life is truly something amazing.

Even amongst the destruction, I see a brighter whole. I see what we are capable of. I see what awakened beings came here to do. I see. I love. I live. I love.

Yearn to live this life. TO LIVE! Let love lead you.

When we believe, when we live in faith we are capable of moving mountains friends. Release the doubt and know that all things are possible if you just believe. Close your eyes for a moment and think I release all of my worries and all of my cares, then focus your attention on spirit. No judgement, no fear, just focus your mind, body, and soul on Spirit. Stay in this moment until you feel that chill, that warm shake, that glow, a feeling like no other. Allow spirit in. Believe. Release worry, and believe.

I know enough about myself to see that I will be one that is always adding, and experience to this journey here on Earth. I came here to share as far and wide as I can travel. In everything I do there is a common factor, the platform to help, when I have helped to no longer being needed, it is time for me to move on. I have loved the individual enough for them to go forth and love themselves and complete whatever it is that we did together. Each year for many now, my life has proved this fact.

Synchronicity, living through spirit. I have proof. With in my heart. With my tears. With in every fiber of my being. I FEEL. I SEE. I LOVE.

Love the most powerful vibration of all. Love is all.

Love. Love. Love. Love.screen-shot-2011-08-11-at-4-14-46-pm


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