That moment when Spirit touches your soul. 

It’s an amazing feeling. A high like no other I have experienced before. To have spirit just snatch you up and engulf your spirit, it is like nothing I can compare. 

To see life play before me, and to understand that there is a bigger picture than what my physical form tells me, well, it’s spectacular. 

Our family is heading home from a partially sunny Florida. We were just happy to be able to enjoy the beach while we visited Mimi and Papa. The rain went away for a few days, we are now in the car heading home and it has returned. Thank you, Spirit, for both sun and rain. 

I appreciate you!! 

Isn’t spirit amazing?! 

 Here we are on our last day at the beach, beautiful and sun kissed. 
My sweet brown beauties 

We had an amazing time allowing the water to wash our cares away. We enjoy visiting Florida and the beach, very much, but the hubs and I agree that it isn’t the state for us, as far as living goes.  

The island girl I will always be, sure does miss the beach though! I think a vacation home is in our future 🌞😎😜 

I’m excited to be back in The Ozarks though, I miss all our furbabies for sure. It’s been an amazing trip, and we look forward to next year. 

Ahhhh, life is grand! 

Kisses💋 Shanda K  



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