Day 2 Day Mumbo Jumbo...

I feel, for those who cannot.  

This sentence, this thought, has been on my mind. A question, how can some just not feel; anything? Why are some so shut down? 

I see that some choose. I see that some have never had the comparison of love in their life. It dawned on me as I got dressed this Sunday morning that those not introduced to spirit from a young age are at a disadvantage, they do have a better chance at not being able to feel. This doesn’t mean that those surrounded by those who cannot feel, do not. There are many little ones who come in with different information then the parents they have chosen. 

Me for example. From a young age I knew I agreed with my family, but I also greatly disagreed. I saw the flaws in their ways of “demanding” the Christian faith that, I do, still to this day follow. I consider myself a spiritual Christian as I see the paths of many. I see the Spirit is love and all that is. I see that many branches stem from a single trunk. The heartwood of it all. The Galaxy, the stars, the universe, this couch I sit on, the people before me, myself, are all Spirit. There is nothing that is not. 

I work with people, who do not feel, anything. How can one not listen to a song of love and inspiration and have no conviction come over them? It really is hard for my mind to grasp, because I am so empathic to so many things, so many things in this existence envoke feeling in me. 

I am not here, to judge these people, I just pray that something come into their life to help envoke feeling. I hope they are touched by spirit, by their inner faith, that they open up and begin to seek for the answers, their answers. That they knock on the door of this great existence and are present for Spirit to give them the understanding that they need; that they seek. 

I pray that those who need to let their guard down, do, so that they may feel the love that does surround us all. Comparison is needed, we asked to experience it all, so with out one, there is not another. But, choose, to choose love to not experience darkness because you choose to live in the light. 

I have lived both. I see, I needed both. I feel the love even in my darkness because it gave me the tools to better help, myself, and those I meet. I choose to feel the magic in everything! The strength I gain in my moments of weakness. Because when we humans surpass a difficult situation we gain a power within, we tell ourselves “we can do it”, because we can! 

We can over come ANYTHING, IF WE BELIEVE!!! 

There is great power in our words, the word. It is not up to me to choose your words. You have the power within. You have the ability to feel, all that I do. Brothers, sisters, let your guard down and open your heart and mind centers to receive. Be available to receive the magic that IS before us, around us, and with us every freaking day. 

If you are going through a shit-tastic time in your life right now, I send you love. I send understanding. I am sorry. I hope the light appears. Change your thoughts in the mean time. Do your part to bring light and love into your life. If you are waiting for others to do it for you, good luck! I say this in love, through experience, it must always first come from self. You are amazing, believe it!!!! Believe, you can overcome whatever you are going through. If you need a friend to talk to, please contact me! I send you so much love. 

I feel for those who cannot feel. I feel their pain. I feel their sorrow. I hope I can help envoke feeling in all I can. I hope I can be that friend. I thank spirit for wrapping me up and touching my soul, so that I may be of better service to this existence, my path, my truth, and my light is to help.  

The simple moments when spirit uses an animal, a song, or numbers to say, “I am here”. It’s a beautiful thing, a feeling like no other. One I want I share with EVERYONE!! 

Sending so much stinking love to each and every one of you!!! 

💋-Shanda K  

 I’ve been in love with succulents. The sacred geometry, a beautiful thing! Nature helps you feel! Get in it more! Let spirit touch you through this place, our home. 


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