A slice of me! · Day 2 Day Mumbo Jumbo...

Hidden Treasures in ones backyard. 

Sunday was a great day. The husband and I shot our first wedding together. I have shot several, he has done several with his mother, but this was our first together. The venue was Ms Gilmores Carriage House and it was beautiful! The grounds were amazing in every way.   

  The hubs bought me this great lace dress for our first official shoot together. I love it! I also love, that he suggest we get new outfits every wedding we shoot. 
Yes! Please! And thank you!! 😁😀😃

  Here we are in the car on our way. Yes my husband wore shorts. I told him next time he needs to wear slacks! But, aren’t we cute? That’s a good looking couple right there. 

  I love this man!! He is so good to me. I thank Spirit every day that I get to experience this journey with him. 

Back to the wedding day journey…


There were so many great details and areas on this property. Bronze statues galore, vintage bikes and Farris wheel carts. Even a merry go round! Look at this thing! 

All with the 1902 mansion and 7 acres right in the middle of town. I could not believe this place was in the middle of Springfield. It is a hidden gem in The Ozarks! 

It’s amazing what one can can find in ones own backyard. There are always things to explore and discover, where ever you are. 

If you wish to travel, what is stopping you? Do you travel and explore the lands before you? The spaces and places that are easy to see, do you see them? 

When one is willing to travel merely out the front door, God will open up a plethora of doors and opportunity for more…can you guess? 

Travel! Yup, actively do what you seek. The scale is not important, and often it is our EGOs opinion of grand or not so.  Be present in the now, where ever that now may be and allow the experience to take hold. Appreciate, love, and thank spirit. I can almost assure you, things will fall into place. 

Don’t believe me? Just try it and see. 

Here is a fair house for you to see. That is what I see. Do you see? 😉   
 so many gems hidden through the grounds. Eric and I are also in the fleamarket business together. We soon will be making furniture, I am so excited. I want to specialize in succulent planters and art, for our booths, I could see this with succulents and moss. A perfect home for our fairy friends!!  

  I leave you with the best glass bottle tree I’ve seen, and I have seen a few of these done, but this one is main supreme. 
Hidden treasures in ones own backyard…get out and explore! 

Kisses💋 Shanda K 🌺


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