A slice of me!

Ups & Downs, we all have them. 

This weekend has been one for the books. A perfect example of what a roller coaster of a ride human emotions can be. It was a weekend of release, of transformation, and renewal. 

My husband and I had an argument of all arguments, the kind where you think your world is crashing down. Yet, when we both calmed down and began truly verbalizing, rather than letting EGO control our actions, great resolution was made. 

At first what seemed like the end, turned out to be something that needed to happen. We both let go of things that has rekindled something magical in our relationship. Sometimes we just have to get into an outburst state to be vulnerable,  to be angry, and to just let that shit go! 

Reminder**dont let the bad days define the rest of your life**

For years he had been sparing my feelings by keeping his feelings at bay. Myself being an empath always felt an awkward energy at times between us. Now, that weight, that energy has been lifted. And it is like we are newly weds!  It’s amazing, but I can’t help but reflect on the rollercaster ride these humans life can be. 

This was my husbands Father’s Day gift,  

 The medicine of the jellyfish also had great impact on my husbands energy. Jellyfish are ancient beings reminding us to flow through life. That when we remain with the ebb and flow of life we can get through anything. 

I soon, will be getting my jellyfish. Eternal soul mates flowing through life together. Trusting and knowing we can get through anything. 

It’s amazing what power and medicine the animals of this place provide. The intention of that energy on his body, forever changing his vibration. I feel it! I love it! It is amazing! 

As a spiritual practioner dedicated to helping people live whole and happy lives, I had a weekend that reminded me I am human too. I don’t always need to stand in that wholeness. I too am allowed weakness. 

But, quickly I now learn the lessons that are in those moments and I move pass them. I promptly return to my wholeness. Each time, the time lessens that I remain in fear based emotions. 

To end the weekend we spent Father’s Day as a family. We went to the creek at Hidden Waters Park and allowed the water to wash our cares away. 

It was exactly amazing! 

Allow nature to help you release, allow the negative ions to do their thing, balance, center, love. It was exactly the ending I needed, we needed, after the emotional Friday start, it was the high that helped offset the low. Actually, no offset needed. Simply just moving forward. The water helped me release. I choose to release. I released. 

Here are our rock stacking structures we created while spending our time in the creek. 

   Beautiful ending to a roller coaster of a weekend! 

Weeeee, this human journey is one heck of a ride!! 



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