A slice of me!

Volunteering, it does a soul good. 

Today was the fourth year that I have volunteered as the craft lady for the Boy Scout Camp, because I love my friends, and I love to volunteer.  

 Plus, one gets an awesome free T-shirt for helping out! There truly is something that does a soul some good when helping someone, for the mere purpose of being helpful. One could say I am not receiving anything, besides my free T-shirt, but that would be false; appreciation , laughter, joy, these are just a few things one receives from volunteering. 

This years theme is Camp Knights! For day one we decorated our coat of arms and swords!

 Ooohhhh fancy… 

 Please don’t mind my fiery bat blob pheonix birds. My family liked a bit of ale, a wee too much, so our family coat of arms is rather Well, wonky, To say the least. 😂


 Here is a picture of me volunteering for the third Saturday breakfast for the Senior Center in town. I am so happy my board duties are through. But, somehow they got me to stay committed to these third Saturday breakfast fundraisers. 

I do love cooking on that griddle! Tehehe…

And, well, volunteering it does me soul some good! A whole lot of good! 
Do something, sometime, for someone who can do nothing for you. Allow it to lift your vibration. Allow it lift your soul! 

Smile! You are beautiful and I love you!  Now get out and volunteer!! 

Kisses-💋Shanda K 


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