Oh, so many doors…

So many doors to travel through. Which is the right one for me? God reminds me not to serve too many masters, domestic dog comes with the message. Here is the new addition to our pack.  

  She is our fourth and last dog, until we move to the country, then I will rescue more. Meet “Kona”, she is a laborweenie. Isn’t she cute? 

I’m working on using my phone more for my blog. I let life flow so well on my Instagram and FB but my blog, becomes stagnant and strenuous, so working on just releasing and being free to express and share my journey. Pieces of my peace. 

There are many post among the archives that regurgitate something of the sorts, but little reminders getting me to exactly where I want to be. What I want this space to be. Free to just simply express things, free to be me. 

I have recently taken on the task of a new job. The domestic dog reminds us not to serve too many masters. This job is a great way to get me to where I need, and the money to do what I really desire, but I remind myself not to negate my office and spiritual practice that I have created for myself. Dog reminds me to be loyal to my heart and my true desires. 

The Virgo in me is a wonderful at multitasking. I know I can do both. Especially if I wake each day with a WHY, to be my best, and a WHY that looks like this.  


I know I can make both of these avenues succeed. I am ready to see what doors open from these ventures. 

Still I pay attention to the message that dog brings. I make note of where, my why, is stemming from. Reminding myself that money alone can not be the sole reason. 

Yet, with my faith leading me and my love guiding me everything will fall into place, my life will be enriched and successful in so many ways. Just simply living to be ones best. Each of our best will look different from the next. It is not necessary to compare. Be you! Be real! Live authentic, share your authentic self with the world!

Are you doing your best? Are you present for the doors that spirit lay before you? Are you living in the Now, are you thankful for what you currently have?  

Which door will you choose? 

 Kisses-Shanda K 💋 


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