When I began loving myself; people began loving, me.

This whole idea that we are selfish to put our needs and self first is just poppycock, and thinking that needs to do by the wayside. I hear, from mostly women, but the occasional gentleman too, that it is selfish to put our feelings first. That we must succumb to our partners or friends every wish for sake and fear of disappointment and seeming selfish.

If you love yourself, if you are proud and happy of who you are, if you stand firm in this, from a place of love, could you really do harm and be bad for those in your life? By being “selfish”. I just do not think so.

About a month ago I was succumbing to this need and addiction to sugar. I was eating things I knew I absolutely should not but still I did. I was not “selfish” and sticking to my desire to only provide the best for my body, because I am the best, and because spirit created me to be the best I can be, because I love myself and I would not feed someone who is sick and dying this junk, so why would I feed my vessel, that I love, it now?

We all should care and love ourselves so freaking much that we only choose options that benefit and show us that love. If we love ourselves, these would be the options that we choose. I do love myself. I will show myself how much!! You should too!!

Now, I am not saying do not enjoy life, eat real chocolate, bake sweet goodies from scratch, and indulge every now and again. If we loved ourselves, thought of ourselves first, would we succumb every time, every day? I do not think so. For myself, I know so. When we view things from a love perspective for self, because you absolutely, 100% love yourself, would you consume said junk? Would you not enjoy some kind of active life style, would you not do everything that is best for you?

We have to stop having this attitude of having to, and start having an attitude of getting to. Being able to experience movement, real food, love, laughter, and everything your path holds in between, is a pretty magical thing. One that we should love and be thankful for.

Love yourself, please love yourself. You are beautiful, you are validated by spirit because you breathe, but go forth and grab life by the horns and make it yours. This is your journey. This is your path, only you can design it. Go forth and create it. Start with self, I promise you the rest will fall into place. Let your life shine, your light shine, let your freak flag fly!

Who did you come here to be? What did you come here to experience? Are you viewing, thinking, and creating things from a perspective of love? If not, evaluate! Why, not!

When I began loving myself; people began loving, me. All of me, not just pieces of me. See, when we do not love ourselves, people can only love pieces of us. We are not yet whole. Try not to get too literal. Yes, I have always been this person, this being of light, but I was hiding in the dark, hiding behind the lack of love. And, the only reason why there was a lack of love, was because I did not fully love myself.

When we curse ourselves, we judge spirit, we say he did us wrong, we judge ourselves, after all we manifest what we see in the mirror. What do you see? Tell yourself, ” I LOVE YOU”, every freaking day. Fake it, till you make it, if you are unsure how to send love to self at this time. It is where I started years ago. Until one, day I woke up and believed. Okay, there was some work in between, but it really did come down to setting the intention of love for self.  I love myself. Give yourself a big ol’ hug, hold yourself tight and send yourself lots of LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

It really is all that simple. LOVE

How can you love another, if you do not know how to even love yourself?

Kisses~ Shanda K 10270342_10207105868515098_481992878559089446_n


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