Choose Happiness.

Today is about happiness. Choosing happiness. Check out my instagram @shandak for daily inspiration and love.

Recently I engaged in a conversation with someone, they stated that if they could just get more hours and make more money they would be happier. It lead me to say, “would you really be happier to push more papers”? After all this is what they were manifesting for themselves. More hours, more money, less time to do what you really desire out of life. Hmmm. Seem like a good trade?

It then lead us into talking about how happiness is a choice. After all, it is.

We cannot find happiness in things, or in others, especially if we do not know how to find it within ourselves. Those things, or people will only bring temporary happiness, then when the newness fades away what are you left with? Often, the need for more.

We must go within to find the happiness we seek friends. Happiness is our choice to make. We choose to change. We choose to live in love. We choose to be happy.

We must learn to wake each day and be thankful for all we have. If all you have at this current moment in time is life, than by golly be thankful for it. There is breath in your life, there is movement in your step, be thankful for this. Choose to make your day brighter and better each and every day.

When we arrive at happiness, when we arrive at love, doors begin to open. At least the doors we desire. When we are available for Spirit and the Universe to greet us, when we awake to greet them, life begins. You cannot begin to fathom the magic that can unfold by living in love. By viewing things through the perspective of love so that it may transform into happiness. It is amazing. I cannot even try to explain how wondrous and amazing it is. YOU MUST experience it for self. You must start living YOUR journey. YOU MUST start living for YOU!

Choose to be the person you came here to be. Choose to make time to be the change you want to see. Choose to wake and greet your day with a smile and gratitude in your heart.

I have lived the angry side. I have had more than enough comparison to see that this way, the love way, the light way, is the right way. Don’t take my word for it. Try it! Try living your life in a different direction if the way you are currently living is not working out. What have you got to lose to try?

We all deserve happiness. We all have the power within us. Whether you see it, feel it, or believe it; it is there. Take the time to go within and take back your power. Take the time to smile. Take the time enjoy life. We did not come here to work and die. There is much more to life than this. But, it is not as complex that we as humans so often make it out to be.

Sharing love, living in love, connecting to this place, EXPERIENCE, we are the experience race. What are you experiencing? Do you like the experiences you are creating in this existence? If not, change it. Simple as that.

Mike Dooley says, “Fake it till you make it”, and I agree. If you do not know how to make this change. If the darkness is too much to bare, try shapeshifting and just acting in a new direction. Intention is key, so wake with a smile and just give happiness, thankfulness, love, compassion, and gratitude a try. Take a breath a feel the vibration change within your being. Do it until it becomes the norm. Do it to the point that you become addicted to the good and not the bad. Humans are creatures of habit. We become addicted to the behaviors we repeat. Break the habit. Lift your vibration and face your day with a smile.



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