New beginnings, the time is now.

New beginnings, the time is now; do you feel it?

We are in a time of huge transition right now and many are beginning to feel the stir within, begging for something different, for something more. Many are seeking change, truth, and something new. People are beginning to question the things that we as humans have accepted for far too long. I feel the change. Do you?

My life, all of our lives, are always in a state of flux, a state of change. I seem to change things at a very fast pace. So fast, that some consider me to be a “flight risk”, as my friend Alea so nicely put it. But, it is true I don’t let anything hold me down. Not a job, a person, a place, or a thing. Sure, I have commitments, I have goals and dreams but I really have learned how to just roll with the punches in life. I have learned how to let my guard down and trust God, Om, Spirit, and all that is guide me. I have accepted just being. I trust, without a shadow of a doubt that I WILL be provided for in this existence, by simply existing.

When we view the world we live in through eyes of the love energy we were created in it all begins to change. Truly, it does. As many have stated before me, Peace it is not to be in a place with no chaos, but to be amidst that chaos and to be at peace. Love, my friends, is a state of being. It is not something that we find in another. Sure, we can find it in others who too are vibrating at the frequency of love, the beings we are, the energy we were created in. But, love must first be found in self, through self, and by self.

It is only then that we can truly harness its power and experience all that love has to offer.Love. Love. Love. 

This at least has proven to be true in my life. I was once told during a meditation session, “only that in which we experience is truth”, I now keep this in mind in my day to day life.  What truth are you creating in your life? What is YOUR truth?

These are the questions I see many beginning to ask. I also see many who struggle to hear their answers. If you are one who feels like they are struggling to hear the messages God and your guides have for you, I would strongly recommend journaling.

Journaling opens up the door to communication, it is like shouting, “Hey, I am here, I am listening!” One can journal to increase dream remembrance, intuitive ability, or just to note the things you enjoy, goals, and achievements. I love to journal. I have many. I one day have plans to turn some of those entries into a book.

It is both amazing and great to go back and read journal entries and see the messages that are there. Messages I may have not yet seen before. Little tiny morsels of magic hidden throughout the pages.

Ah, yes, I love those bits in my journal. The entries where I wonder if I wrote them at all, those are some of my favorite reads.

One never knows what will flow, what one will write, if they do not put pen to paper. This, combined with Earthing in some way is most often my first bit of advice to anyone that comes to see me. It is a huge part of the process! I encourage all of you to journal, if you do not already. Get your thoughts out, your dreams down, and keep ideas and inspiration flowing. Open the portal of communication that is possible for all.

I am no more special than any of you. We all came here to this existence with an ability of sorts, but only you can tap into these hidden gems inside. I cannot do it for you, nor you for me. It takes work, and practice. It takes making time to be the change. We cannot simply wish for new beginnings, new chapters, and new journeys without ever putting forth the action. We must be present for all of the doors that spirit lay before us daily. Don’t believe me? Try it! Try getting out and doing something different than you did the day before. Try looking at life through positive eyes. Try changing your perspective on things, if the way you have viewed things before never seems to work out, try something NEW!!

Like, Earthing. Now, I know  that there are many nature enthusiast out in the world, I also know there are a buttload of others who are not. Especially here in the western world, we are too absorbed with technology to take the time and root back to our mother(Earth). She is calling for you, begging you to jump bare feet all in. To taste of her, to want her, allow nature to seduce you. Such a beautiful thing to experience and feel this connection. Every single Earthling should make it a goal to connect to this place, to make time each day to absorb her energy.

This is not asking for much, if you are at a place that you find yourself asking some questions of why and what’s next, you need Earth. She is calling you. She is begging you to stay, to love her, to caress her. Start here, this is a great place to start. Grab a notebook or buy a cheap journal sit on a patch of grass, on a blanket, next to a tree, bare feet on the grass near by, and write whatever comes to mind. If nothing, sit for a moment and just absorb the energy around. Feel the shift, the change take place.

The time is now…14295_556124401068714_179584817_n


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