Stop chasing a dream, and start living one!


Life is a dream. Really, it is! We came here for the purpose of experience. When you think on this, that we are here for the mere purpose of experience; are you experiencing all you can? All you desire? I know I am!

I have just announced today that I am making the decision to close down my shop. I feel so alive, so liberated. More time with the family for homeschool adventures. More time to complete the redone furniture, and miscellaneous  projects I have laying around, more time to actually facilitate healing, and more time to write. By doing the opposite of what society would see as the “wise” decision.

Chasing money to die, rather than actually living my dreams. 

This life, the more I grow, the more I tap in, has SO much magic to offer. Ahhhhh synchronicity, it really is a beautiful thing. The eloquent dance and grace of her presence is wonderful!

Won’t you DANCE with me?

Dance friends, dance to the beat of your soul, to the rhythm of your heart, to the groove, and in the direction your little feetsies want to travel. Be you, be awesome, be real; being you, is very cool!

Have a marvelous day friends.

Kisses~ Shanda K 


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