Nature revives my soul, it can do the same for you!

_MG_4545Do you see through the circle there? The fairies, they live through there. Magical isn’t it? Dream with me for a moment, step into the mind of a child, step into my mind; dream, imagine, and let the whimsical wonder of it all flow through you.

When was the last time you just wandered into the woods? When was the last time you allowed nature to engulf every fiber of your being? Our mother (Earth) can revive your soul. She is calling to us daily, begging us to come and play! Oh, how so many have forgotten how to play. If you are a fellow player in life, hooray, thanks for joining in on the fun!

I just love moss and lichen, I see the fae folk wading through the lush green, lounging in the fluffs, and soaking up the sun.

_MG_4534Beautiful isn’t it! Oh, how vibrant, and alive!! _MG_4540There, is one of their boats! How lovely. What a lovely day it is to sunbathe, It was such a lovely day in the Ozarks indeed. The elementals were in a happy mood.

On this day, some friends and I went to visit a growing labyrinth to discover if it would be the place to hold our retreats, that we have in the works. It was a lovely piece of property, would be great for a small gathering, we hiked 15 minutes up hill to overlook the edge of the property and spectacular view. We also got to stroll through Swan Creek, a flat rock creek, it was so spectacular. I craved this kind of nature, I sure did soak it ALL up, gobbled it down!

_MG_4529It isn’t finished yet, but here is the entrance to the labyrinth, it felt wonderful! The fairies enjoy dancing here under the moon. They like how  much care is going into this labyrinth, so much care indeed. In the distance hawk welcomed our presence. He was looking for something good to eat, and also enjoying the sun.  He was being camera shy today. Don’t worry he came to play on another day.

After visiting this space and taking our hike, we then journeyed into Swan Creek. It is a wet weather creek, so on most days you can walk through Swan Creek. I enjoyed all the rocks, I really like rocks.

_MG_4589 _MG_4598 _MG_4599 _MG_4602 _MG_4619It was such a wonderful day. Really, it has been a spectacular week. If you are not someone who takes the time to get out into nature, I would strongly recommend it. Don’t go out there with a stink faced attitude, go out with eyes like a child. Live in joy and discover the new things waiting around every corner. Stare at the bark of a tree. Yes, just gaze into the beauty of a tree for hours. Let it take you away. Let your mind wander.

Look at the beauty in bark…

_MG_4547 _MG_4550 _MG_4560 _MG_4563_MG_4565

Hello, anybody home? _MG_4608Fairy doors everywhere! Peek inside, what do you see? _MG_4611

Well, I am off to play in my yard. The sun is out to play again today, hooray! I just love sunshine kisses; don’t you? Have you enjoyed nature lately? Have you given it a big ol’ bear hug, and allowed her to return the favor? Step into whatever nature you have, wherever you are, and let it revive you. Listen in stillness and quiet, see what spirit has to say. There is magic in the woods, so much magic.

Thank you for joining me on this beautiful day. Take time for yourself and experience nature. See the beauty in every crevice, the wonder in every cranny, Ahhhhh. I look forward to going back and sitting on this swirly bark log. It was a wonderful sitting spot. I cannot wait to go back and play with the fairies, to see what gifts they have for me, and of course to bring something for them as well!

Take adventures friends! Adventures can happen in your very back yard. Imagine and dream, live a life of wonder and go forth with whatever it is you desire. Make it yours; anything is possible, if you just believe!

Peace,Love & Happy Travels~

Shanda K


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