It’s amazing what can happen when we follow that little voice inside.

_MG_4495Do you listen to yourself, when you feel guided to do something? Do you take the time to step off the beaten path?

On my way to a home cleansing I felt guided to stop at a small cemetery across from this church and meditate. At one point in my life I would have disregarded this thought and continued on, but I did not, I stopped. The reflection, activation, and thoughts that came to me in this moment were of course exactly what I needed.

See when we live, ready to experience it all, spirit communicates freely. Giving the universe a portal to you. When we take the time to live against the grain of society, magic truly happens. Something within this space speaks to me. It has reignited many things within me. I feel myself connecting back to the passion of it all. Not chasing fame or fortune but doing it because I am passionately led to do so. This is where I belong, in this space I feel joy, I feel comfort,and I feel most importantly LOVE.

_MG_4504 _MG_4511Do you take the time to veer off the beaten path? I get excited to think of exploring a place perhaps no one has before. I love the idea of not beating the same drum as everyone else. It makes me tingle all over, to choose the path uniquely suited for ME. At the same time, I understand dear friend, I understand it can be scary to step away from what society deems as “normal”, as what is expected from us as functioning members of society.

I say poppycock with all of it! We are not meant to beat the mundane drum of life, because life is NOT mundane. There is so much wonder to explore in this place. There is so much magic unfolding right before your very eyes if you will just veer off and be there to accept it, to smack right dab into the middle of it, to just BE…free!

Get down, groove, and move into the nitty-gritty of life. Don’t have a clue what that is or where you are going? Well than just wake each day with the intention of going out and seeking more. Find the path you seek by wandering into the world. All those who wander are not lost. We do not have to have all of the answers we merely have to make the time for change. Make the time. That is it. Plain and simple. _MG_4527We each carry a piece of the puzzle, but it isn’t until we walk the path intended for ourselves that we tap into this journey and start bringing forth this connection, this piece, this huge part of a whole; we NEED you to be whole, we do! Every single person here, even those who are lost and angry have purpose, have reason, has something to achieve. I once had a veil so thick it seemed black. Darkened by fear and anger to the hundredth power.

_MG_4521Then I let the light in, and also allowed my light to shine. I stopped stifling my fire simply to appease another. To achieve happiness we much achieve this thought process; to let our unique light shine! Please, oh please, let it shine!

Long ago I would have chuckled at myself to think of meditating in a cemetery. Now, I am so happy to listen to that little voice inside, that tug at your heart, the beat in your soul; Spirit, God, The Universe, all the same, all ready for you to step into your glory.

You are amazing, simply because you are you. Listen to yourself when you feel compelled to do something. As long as this something is coming from a state of love.  Love for yourself, and love for others. Do not rush this process. Allow life to unfold. Stop telling yourself, “there is not enough time”, or you will create no time for yourself. There is always enough time! Make time to be the change you want to see. Make it! I cannot urge you enough to make time for yourself. Make time to do the things you love, the things that ignite the light inside. Do what makes your heart sing and your soul come alive. You owe it to yourself; you owe it to the world, but mostly you owe it to yourself! BE you, be awesome, and be amazing!

_MG_4499 _MG_4512 _MG_4513 _MG_4516What captivates you? What sing’s to your soul? What makes you feel alive?

I am so happy to be reconnected with my passion. We all need times of rest. Last year was a year of rest and reflection for myself, it is a vital part of the process. I feel great, so alive, and I am ready to share, share, share with the world; ready to share with all of you. Go out and make tomorrow yours, and the next day, and the next day!

Kisses~ Shanda K


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