What vibration do you carry?

This year already has propelled me into bliss. I feel so alive. Last year held much self evaluation and release of the final things that I needed to let go of. I can confidently say that Reiki has helped me immensely. The change I feel and see within me is spectacular! I strongly recommend Reiki to everyone; everyone NEEDS Reiki!

I have to take a moment to brag on myself, but first to tattle on myself a bit. In 2014 I found myself strongly feeling the urge to eat healthier, mainly because of the vibration that the food carried. As I continued down my path to my higher-self I could feel myself resisting the change I knew was a must. Most often those who become heightened in any way feel the need to begin eating a mostly vegetarian diet. Unfortunately in today’s world we now have to control and regulate even the fruits and vegetables we choose to eat if we are worried about the vibration that particular food holds.

I have always had a very strong connection to the animals of this place and I can no longer just blindly ignore what happens to them in most commercial practices. It’s kind of messed up to say you care about something deeply, find out they are treated like shit, and still contribute to that practice. Actually it is really F’ed up! So, the more I learn, the more I must follow my heart. I am not sitting here saying that I am going to become a vegan or strict vegetarian but by golly I am going to only consume meat if I know where it comes from. I still cannot lie, I feel the pull to consume very little of it. I am also a firm believer in allowing my family to make their own decision on this matter. So, I can cook them quality meat and still choose a different option for myself.

So, on to the bragging, just from changing my mind set and relationship with food (because I still LOVE food), by choosing mostly vegetarian meals, by doing Reiki on myself and my food, I have lost 5 pounds in a week! The bloating has gone away and I just feel good. I am full, I am still eating, and I still Love, LOVE food! Actually I have found a new love and appreciation with my food again. Which is also kind of messed up to think about.  We have to go out and find real food again. Wow. Never thought of that aspect of it all before right this very minute.

From the beginning of January we ate all the crap that was left in the house as one last huzzah of what we thought was a “guilty pleasure” to now enjoying REAL guilty pleasures. Fresh fruit, sweets made from scratch, real food. I finally admitted that mommy was the enabler. I do most (that is being nice to my sweet sexy) of the cooking and grocery shopping. I was so focused on being sure that my family were full that I was not paying attention to the fact that  I was actually starving them, with the processed food and junk that we were all addicted to.

No more!

I feel better when I shop too. I feel good knowing that I am making an impact to our home(Earth). We must protect our mother. We must love her, and appreciate her. Seriously, I know that my reflection over 2014 got me to this point, but Reiki; reiki caused a major shift in my existence. It helped move me to the moment of finally doing all the things I fret and thought over all last year. With ease too, I might add. Cooking is fun again. The energy in my home has lifted to a whole new level. I can feel us organizing our life, in love and seeing what we desire coming to fruition. I have the desire to start back up in writing my book, writing here, on FB, and instagram. I feel my love for life ready to emerge and share with all I meet. Connected once again, back on my path, I am here in service for spirit, in love for myself, and to experience every damn thing I can. The good, the bad, the ugly, I rarely experience the last two; perception baby! It’s all about ones perception.

Love is a state of being. If you view things from a state of love you will see things differently. Does it mean that a dark act is not still dark? Of course not, but it does mean that you can see the sickness and sadness in that human as a human. You can see that they have been lead by darkness all their life and perhaps need a hand of love. Maybe you could be that love? We can never know unless we try!

Living in a state of love does not mean that I am naive to the wrongs in and of the world. It means that I must be aware and it is a reminder that what I am doing, along with any other lightworker, prayer warrior, peace activist and everything in between, anything pulsing light and love, is even all the more necessary. We need you! Be aware, seek truth, find out what is really happening in our world. Then choose something or all, whatever your being can handle and go do what you can to change it.

Food has always been a passion of mine. Every being on this Earth deserves the nourishment of food. This is why I am very passionate about working at local kitchens and for our local Senior Center. I cannot change the world by focusing on Fox news. I can change the world by taking actions toward making an impact. No matter how small you think that impact may be, IT ISN’T, it is great! Raising the vibration of just one more person does far greater good than you can imagine. That one person can be self, it should first be self! Make yourself whole and go forth and share that love and passion with another. Start a ripple of goodness, of love, of light and of smiles all over the world. Watch the ripple grow, never ending, infinite. Wonderful! Think on this ripple for a moment.

I leave you with this….

What vibration are you carrying in your life at this time. What music do you surround yourself with, what food do you eat, what thoughts do you carry? It matters. You can think it doesn’t, but I dare you to try the other way and tell me you cannot feel the difference, feel a change. Do you like the way you currently feel? Do you love the path you walk? If not, why not? Release these things and start the path to seeking your truth, your passion, your impact to this place. We all carry a piece of the puzzle. We all have great things to achieve, if only we can listen to that pull, that tug at your heart. Often we know the answer; how long are you willing to resist, how long are you going to allow life to just pass you by?

When we focus on the vibration we carry, when we are present and aware; we can be there at the door ready for the Universe. We are ready for spirit, we are aligned with what we came here to do. When we choose to listen to that pull. Follow your heart my loves, Follow the unique beat of your soul dear friend. You are beautiful and amazing and awesome just because you are YOU. Never let anyone tell you differently.

Do you like the vibration you carry? If not, change…

I had to share some of my yummy meals I made lately. Follow me on instagram, its on the page below or @ShandaK to see more inspiration and random ramblings of my soul.  Here is a picture of my green curry. It was SO yummy! Mmmm…I did make it a bit spicy, almost too spicy, it will be perfect next time. I probably didn’t even come close to traditional, well maybe, it was hot! It was still very good. Kale, lentils, mung beans, carrots and cauliflower over Basmati rice. Yum-Yum! IMG_3363

These were really yummy sweet potato vermicelli asian style with cabbage sauteed in sesame oil and with some hot sauce of course and a touch of soyu! So easy, so good!

IMG_3372Last, I have to share my awesome macaw feather I received yesterday while on a business venture to look for a gathering place for a group that some friends and I are in the process of starting. Amazing to receive gifts from the universe. Love, Love it! I love feathers. No birds were harmed in the collection of these feathers. =)


Dream big friends! Take action toward your dreams daily! You owe it to yourself!

Kisses~ Shanda K


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