Day 2 Day Mumbo Jumbo...

Life is Amazing

It’s amazing how even when one resist life, or tries to, no matter how hard we push life continuously moves in the forward momentum. I have a beautiful life, I do. But, worry often consumes my mind. The goal for the year is to eliminate it all!

It is time to train my brain and focus on all that is good in life. Practice what you preach, If you can fix the lives of others, you can fix yourself

I am reminded.

My number one guilty question is: Am I doing enough?

The Answer: Yes, I’m living, loving, and sharing light! And besides just being you is always enough.

When I take a step back and am honest with myself I have done A Lot! I am proud at who I have become in this ten year span. Night and Day, truly.

Be gentle with yourself friends. Life is not a race. We all need to learn to slow our roll and take life in strides. Confident strides in the forward momentum. Experiencing all that comes our way. Fully, intently, IN the moment.

Here is to dancing more, playing lots, and doing things that make you say wow!

Here I am standing where the grand basin is/was in St. Louis, behind me the art museum. It’s a wonderful museum I recommend this whole area to anyone who visits the Lou!

History makes me say, wow! To think about what took place on the land I was standing on. Imaging all the people at the world fair in awe at the beauty that still sits in the basin.

Here is a selfie with the hubs and I.


I love that man. My partner, he actually encourages my crazy antics and adventures, now that’s a swell guy! He is a swell guy!

Look at this adorable picture of the two amazing guys in my life. Men, from a young age can fall asleep anywhere and so effortlessly.


While I am sharing pictures, I just have to show off my girls too….


And my tea pot! You have to see my tea pot! I love it! I drink lots of tea in the winter. I would love to learn how to give tea readings. Mmmm…tea


Isn’t it a pretty tea pot?

I’m liking this WordPress app, I hadn’t used it much but now I can easily share and catalog this journey called life.

My animal guides have been strong with me lately. Do you seek out the messages the animals of this place bring us? It’s pretty amazing what knowledge and insight they can provide. I would strongly recommend looking into some of your guides.

Are you really drawn to a species? Or maybe you are just seeing a particular animal a lot! In shows, on social media, when you read, people bring it up; do you notice when this happens? It will continue to grow stronger until the message is received. Are you ready to receive? Are you actively seeking truth, daily?
Here you can see in the distance the silhouette of Mr. Hawk, letting me know that what I am thinking and doing is right. The messenger he is, I love seeing my hawk! I see him a lot!


Last picture for the day. A Yellow-bellied sap eater! Our oldest Kiki just did a web diagram on the drummers of Missouri (woodpeckers) and this guy was in the article we read. While leaving for a haircut we spotted this little guy. Cool! We were excited. Moments like this are why I am getting into the better habit of carrying my Canon everywhere I go. But, at least I had my phone.


Happy Aloha Friday friends!!
Kisses-Shanda K



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