Day 2 Day Mumbo Jumbo... · Pondering Thoughts

EGO check

These past few days, I have been in a lull, tired and honestly just blah! Thank god, this morning I awoke feeling more like myself. Although the cold outside encourages waking up at 9am, OY!

Now, on to the real reason for today’s release, here on this “live journal”; reeling in my EGO.

In the latest course I took with Doreen Virtue: How to grow your spiritually based business, there was one sentence that really struck me, I am sure I have mentioned it once before.

“If you have many to help, your EGO will scream the loudest.”

See, our EGO’s do everything possible to detour us from our dreams and goals. It is the questioning and questioning inside that can derail us from many of things. The EGO is not something we can get rid of, we can merely keep it under control. There are times that the EGO, too, can be beneficial. Knowing this can change ones entire life. Knowing that we are in control is a game changer.

Just minutes ago I got close lined by my consciousness, psst your ego is taking control

Here is how:

Lately I have been able to help several people. More and more each day I get email, after text, after phone call of how great they are doing, at how wonderful things have been going for them in their life.

I was happy but I felt myself getting agitated at their success and then beginning to focus on how tired I was, How jealous I was; For what?

I had helped them get to that point. I helped them grow into the beautiful beings they are, yet, there I sat, feeling sorry for myself. Why? (I too, had, had great success these past few months.) Things have been going amazingly but my attitude began to slide.

Ego! Bloody, Ego!

I AM so happy for all the successes of those around me. There is enough here for us all! And honestly, there success, gives me confirmation of my success! We must learn to feel happiness for those around us. We must learn to wake and see the beauty in our own life.

Comparison friends will rob you of joy!

Monday-Wednesday my shop was dead as a door nail, Yesterday and today with a simple check of EGO and attitude it’s back to normal. Huh? Funny how that works out; don’t you think?

The thing is, we are all human, doing the best we can with what we have been given. I have been blessed with a lot, I have been taught and shown tools to help me combat fear, but even still there are times when EGO comes knocking with a dose of doubt.

I am so thankful that I now can see when my thoughts do not serve me. There will be times when the struggle is too much for one to bare on ones own, ask spirit and the angels to help release this fear, to help show you a better way, a better perception.

Archangel Michael helps release fear, call him to help and guide you. If that is not your style, call on the nature sprites and any other light being here to help us on our journey. They are everywhere! If that is still too much, just imagine white light surrounding your being.

We can all imagine white light!

Sitting and reflecting at how far I have come. These bouts of doubt used to last months on end, now, just a few days and I quickly notice my attitude needs to change, my thoughts need to go back to my true desires, and reminding myself that I am in control.

When we are aligned with our own vortex of energy we can quickly see when our thoughts detour from self; this is my daily goal. It can be easy to let society confuse you into thinking you want this or that. Follow your heart;this is your career. To be you and all YOU want to be! Not what society wants you to be.

I know others need to hear that bit of advice, about society, but I REALLY do! So imprinted from childhood, I still have moments where I feel unsuccessful because I do not hold a college degree. Yet, I have my own little shop, run a business as a spiritual facilitator, and beyond all of that I Help people..which is pretty awesome!

I also have a beautiful family, amazing friends, a roof over my head and food in my belly. How am I not successful? I know the answer to that, But, see, even people who are connected have times that just down right suck. It’s part of the human journey. After all we are the experiment race. We came here to experience it all!

See, my EGO likes to compare, but comparison is not needed and my higher self knows this, I know I am awesome!

I was in a bit of a funk, but I’ve now de-funked and am feeling much better.

Thanks for listening to the ramblings of girl. Can you relate to any of this? Do you recognize when your ego is knocking?

Here is my affirmation for my day!

Repeat it with me; won’t you?

I am my perfect self! I accept joy and abundance in my life daily. I love myself! I feel happiness for the success of others. There is enough for us all!

Nothing like a good ol’ EGO check!

Have a wonderful day everyone and a wondrous weekend!

Kisses-Shanda K




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