A message from my guides · Aloha Angel Reading

Angel Reading 11-10/11-16

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The reading for this week is all about laying back and appreciating all you have done. Continue visualizing that which you desire and thoughts directed toward the light. Kick up your heels and be proud of where you are right now in this very moment. Stay true to yourself and your desires. Visualize where you wish to continue to grow and go. This is a time of great growth for you. So many big things are happening and you are manifesting rather quickly so be sure to focus on what you desire, not what you do not.

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Visualize! Keep doing what you are doing! Keep your thoughts positive. Focus on your goals and your desires! You got this! The angels remind you to take time each day to meditate and focus. To clear your mind and send out gratitude for all that surround you at this time and for all that is on its way. Big things are happening and the angels remind you that you can handle a lot more than you have already taken on. When we do what we love we never have to work a day in our life!

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Kick up your heels! This is a time to appreciate, to love, and to see all you have achieved. More is on its way and big things happening, yes, but we must remember to rest, enjoy, play…kick up your heels in the middle of this week and just relax. Be surrounded by people you love and don’t feel guilty for having fun! Celebrate, coordinate a get together, get out have fun!!!

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Honor your true feelings. Your angles urge you to continue living YOUR dreams! There will always be those who do not understand or care to appreciate. Move on and honor yourself, know that you will draw like minded people to you the more you honor yourself. We also must listen to our gut feelings. Is your soul urging you to do something at this time. Listen to yourself, our emotions and gut feelings like an inner compass guide us in the direction we should go. Do not resist this or chalk it up to nothing. Your feelings and guidance is real; listen.

Thank you spirit for sending us your divine messages. Thank you for sending the fairies and angels to help us see the beauty in this place, to help us better hear your messages. Short and sweet for this reading. Life is great and you have come SO far! See this, know this, feel this. Celebrate how far you have come…you know you wanna!! Listen to yourself, always listen to yourself!

Sending lots of love to you. It is a cold one here in Missouri, I am off to the shop. I have been using my phone to upload the pictures, so I apologize on the quality. Soon, I hope to use youtube and my camera to get these readings up. These work for now..but better is in the works!!

Kisses~ Shanda K


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