Day 2 Day Mumbo Jumbo... · Pondering Thoughts

I challenge you, can you find something beautiful?

Ready for greatness, ready for more, ready to hit the road and soar, soar, soar!
The direction of the wind in my life is changing. This environment, this place I call home, no longer suits me. I need a place that is alive, thriving, where people smile when they run into one another. Putting out the vibration of growth in my life. Focusing on the next phase on this path. Focusing on a place where there is more for my family. Life is great right now, things are falling into place, God is showing me that I have no time to worry about what people think of me. Funny thing, I didn’t care so much when I was a punk little “bad ass”, now that I am, who I am; I worry, I wish for acceptance.

I cannot wait for peoples fear of what I do to dissipate in hopes of acceptance. Human struggles are real! HAHA, but being smack dab in the middle of fear country it is one of the hardest things to get my EGO to drop. It’s the one worry that still races through my head from time to time. Although the move here in the first place prepared me for all of this; we are such finicky creatures., aren’t we?
People were less than accepting and I made it; I made it when I was young and naive and thought my world was coming to an end on the daily. SO, I can make it now, now that I have the tools to combat my worry. Now that I stand firm in who I am, and quite frankly pretty damn proud of where I have come in this short span of existence. I am blessed to be able to hear the stories of women who have lived far more life than myself and yet I sit helping them (don’t get me wrong, they too help me, I learn so much from those I help, I am filled with gratitude for those people) . This is what I am here for, this is spirits plan for me, this is what I came here to achieve. It took 29 years of life to finally stand up and truly feel within myself this being I have become, this being I always was; I was merely hiding in the dark.
I meet so many people who are hiding in the dark. Lift the veil friends and allow the light in life to shine. Even amongst the chaos this world faces there is still SO much beauty. If you cannot walk outside right now and find something, anything, beautiful to appreciate…than the problem isn’t the world. See, it isn’t the people who talk who are hurting me, preventing me from stepping up and being who I am, it is ME; and only me. I’ve also learned that they often fear, because they do not know. I feel for the many that live in fear, do not be afraid, be the souls you came here to be. Release the anger and drop the grudges…what good do they do, what problems do they solve? Do you like the energy of ANY fear based thinking (anger, hate, jealousy, greed…), do you? If you do, than you need a cleansing and you have some major energy blocks in your life. Whether by western or allopathic means, seek help! We are divine creatures of love, created in only perfect love, so, if you do not feel love, again…SEEK HELP, seek friends, seek nature, seek LOVE!!!
Find something beautiful each day this weekend and sit for just a few minutes and appreciate the life that lay in front of you. The scenes to enjoy no matter what they are, the sky above, take in a big breath of air and just bask in the beauty of AIR.Tiny molecules of “nothingness” keeping us alive, in perfect unison working with the plants and other creatures of this place. An ebb and flow is taking place everywhere you go. Think for a moment how perfectly tuned our bodies work for us, how everything has a cycle, life and death…only to bring forth more life. A animal lay in the road, it is sad because we have taken over the land, yet there crow sits, thanking deer for a meal. There is beauty everywhere, if we only choose to look. If we only choose to stop for just a few minutes of our pressing busy lives and appreciate this place that has been gifted to us… For whatever reason, gifted to US! Take the time to truly appreciate it. One minute each day, don’t tell me you don’t have 60 seconds, (it will grow from there, I promise ) and just find something new in life that is beautiful, allow the beauty to raise your vibrations, change your perception, and form you into the beautiful being you came here to be.
Even if only one person takes my suggestion, if only ONE person decides to join the many who have begun their path to their higher-selves; it raises the vibration of our home A LOT! Just one, it starts with one, who will you touch by raising your own vibration? What lives around you will be better off for being around the whole authentic YOU?! Start a chain reaction of #love in your life. Start with self. Love yourself, release fear, and be, match the vibration of that in which you seek. Find beauty…60 seconds…YOU HAVE 60 seconds

This was my post on my FB page today. If you do FB, follow me there…Peace of Shanda. So, seriously, I challenge you! Let’s find something new and beautiful every day. It does not have to be something new in the sense you have never seen it before (that would make the challenge a little daunting) but something that you are viewing in a new light. Something that you are simply taking the time to see the beauty in.

What is 60 seconds of your time? 60 seconds of focused appreciation, this is nothing compared to the rest of ones day. By all means if longer is your thing do it! I am at a point that my guides urge me to step away for at least an hour. Even one hour of ones day is miniscule, really, it is.

There are times when this life is just not fun, times when the world comes crashing down; what now?

We have the tools to help deal and raise our vibrations above the problems, tools to help cope and learn, gifts when used that can do amazing things in ones life. Don’t believe me? Give it a try, try it for at least one week, every day. Try something as easy as seeing the beauty in something and appreciating the things in life that need no control. That just are. Truly seek dear friends and you will find what you are looking for, change your perception, love yourself; watch the magic.

Life needs more of you, the real you! You need more of life, you know you do! Experience what this place has to offer. Let the wonder and beauty of this place take hold of your soul. Break free from the confinements of society, break free from this mold you have created, life is not cookie cutter, same shit every day…this is NOT living!

What do you want to experience? What do you desire? Define your own happiness! Begin the chain reaction by starting with self. Love yourself enough to try…

I challenge you, can you find something beautiful every day? Will you try? You too could be the one! Start a movement of love!

Sending so much love to all of you.

Kisses~ Shanda K


I was spray painting keys for necklaces, had to get a picture for instagram in the process, of course.


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