A message from my guides

Aloha Angel Reading: 11/3-11-9

Hello friends! I hope you all are having a wonderful day so far, leading into a most beautiful week!!

Wow! The reading for this week is a powerful one! You are on fire!! There is a lot happening for you in this time of life and your angels really urge you to listen to your intuition and things that are coming through to you at this time.

Here is a view of the cards for this week. I was drawn to pull a fourth card. Archangel Metatron and Raziel are with you through this week. From beginning to end. It is a time of growth and wondrous things ahead!!


To start our week with us is The Chariot, Archangel Metatron.


Metatron reminds us to stay balanced and grounded. Congrats! This card shows that we have finally reached a point of balance in a troubling situation in ones life. In this picture a dream like seen rising above the stars and into new territory. This is where you stand, this is where you are headed. Pay attention to the number 7 in these days ahead. As it is represented on the card. Huge things are happening in your life at this time! Keep it up! You are right where you need to be.

Leading into Wednesday & Thursday we have Six of Fire


Victory! You are in a time of feeling good about yourself. This card represents a job well done. New advancements are on it’s way for you and good news is on it’s way. Take time this week to just sit back and view the job well done. You have come so far, forgiven yourself, and now are well on your way! Look at the celebration taking place in this card. A great smile on ones face!

Also for the middle of our week, we have another fire card the Knight of Fire: passionate, adventurous, self-assured restless.


A new opportunity is on it’s way to you, do not make rash decisions at this time. Think things through before just jumping right in. Listen and ask for guidance a from the angels that are with you at this time. Look at all the horses depicted in our reading this week, the horse is your power animal. Ask it for help.

Closing our week, with us is The Magician, Archangel Raziel powered by the number 1.


From the book, this is most important for you at this time!


The time is now! At this time you need no more to move forward with your dreams and desires. You have done the work and now it is time to just keep doing. No more classes or books are needed right now, only you going through the doors presented and taking action toward the plans you have been preparing for. Start whatever projects are on your mind. Realize you are beyond prepared for what’s ahead. Even if you feel there is still much to do. You got this! The knowledge needed to continue forward with the plans you have been preparing, is within you! You have it! Exactly what you need. Call on Metatron and Raziel for guidance and help to release any unwanted energy. Live your fire! You did it! You are here! You have arrived.

Thank you God, spirit, for sending this beautiful message for us this week. Thank you to those who watch over us as we continue on this journey. Thank you Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine for creating this amazing Angel Tarot Cards. Love, love them!!!

Have a magnificent Monday friends. Let your fire burn bright! You got this!!

Kisses-Shanda K


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