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Stepping Out

Here I am 8 years later on this spiritual journey to my higher self, and I’m finally ready, ready to step out of the “spiritual closet”. When raised as a strong non-denominational Christian there is a lot of fear in ones life when first connecting to this calling of spirituality within. I remember, when I first began, fearing I was doing bad and going to you know where for practicing and feeling the energy that surrounded me. I was a nervous wreck and even still at times here in the middle of the Bible Belt I feel egos worry knock on my door, “are you doing right”?

Yes! I am doing right, for me, and that is all that matters. Only I can live my destiny and this calling that spirit “himself” called me to do. Yes, this post is for myself, to put myself out there and say there is nothing wrong with reading cards, doing energy work, or anything else I do, this is my divine gift from source and who am I to deny my gifts. But, this post is for my family who happen to stumble upon my site…

Yes, I do card readings and NO it is not of the devil. For Pete’s sake they are angel readings!! Stop living in fear! Yes I communicate with things not of this realm. Heaven sent guides and helpers here to accompany us along our way. I only practice things of the light. Things of divine energy. I am merely living my calling. It has taken me 8 years to understand that what I am doing is right and I cannot let even family stop me from doing so.

The thing is I have been this way my whole life. I remember things from a young age, many things I did that were “different”. I also knew to keep most of them secret telling myself, “they would not understand”, from as early of the age of two. So, I did not just decide one day to be this spiritual facilitator I’ve become, I already was. It is who I am and was born to be.

I love you! All of you, and if you do not agree with me, let’s agree to disagree and talk about something else. Because, I love you! We do not have to see, eye to eye, on everything to be in one another’s life! That is the beauty of growing wiser. We can see these things. I love you! Let’s love and let’s be; respect one another, because we LOvE one another!!

But, more importantly , I FINALLY love myself and am no longer willing to hide who I really am. This is me, for all to see, sharing my authentic self with the world. Take it or leave it. I’m okay either way. I will continue on this path; MY path!

Transformation takes work, and I’m just really proud of where I have come. This last hurdle of putting myself out there and realizing that my family can take me or leave me as I am.

This is me! This is the Shanda both spirit and my higher self came to this time to be, and I’m going to rock it! Groove to my own beat! Strum to my own song!

I love you! I love you! I love you!


I SuPER love myself!!!!

Stepping out- Shanda K


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