Aloha Angel Reading

Aloha Angel Reading 10-27/11-2

Aloha, all you beautiful souls, you! Here is your weekly message for the Week of October 27th to November 2nd! A beautiful week is in store! IMG_2675.JPG

Thank you God for sending us this divine message. For Monday and Tuesday: Awakening your true self. You are an old soul and the “old self”, the authentic self, is beginning to emerge. You are a very magical and mystical being, the fairies leave you with an affirmation of: I now give myself permission to be true to myself. Look at the wise white haired fairy surrounded by the elements in this card. The peacock is one of your power animals, look up Peacock spirit guide and see which message first resonates with you. You have great power within you, all of the power of the universe resides within. Hold tight and allow the changes within your life to occur. Trust that you are being divinely guided. Know that the real you is surfacing and here to stay. You have found yourself! Live it, be it, rock it out! Hooray!!! Allow the inauthentic parts of your personality fall away. As you have been seeing them do, continue. You are building a solid foundation of truth, continue and all will continue to fall into place. You are right where you need to be!

IMG_2676.JPGThree beautiful fairies dance amongst the landscape of purple hues. Remember the child card we received earlier, this child like landscape beautiful and light reminds us to get out and get away from the mundane constraints of “every day life” we choose the lives we live, so, choose a life worth living. One that appreciates and lives within the beauty of nature. Feel what God’s creations can provide for you. Granted everything is created of the divine but nature is special. Nature is true connection. Connect with her. Allow her to wrap her arms around you and embrace the magical bubble of joy that she can provide. There are no worries when in nature if you are truly engulfed and immersed in it. Give her all of your attention and watch what she will do for you. Imagine yourself surrounded by the white and blue light of the divine. Can you feel it? Really, stop what you are doing right now, imagine the most amazing hues of white and blue light surrounding every fiber of your being! Internally, externally, and every where in between! The magic of nature alone can change ones life. Allow nature to take hold of you. Allow it call you in your sleep. Want nothing more than to feel nature. Feel, experience, live all of her! Play, frolic, dance in nature. If a small patch of grass between side walks in the concrete jungle is all you have, even that will do! Kick of your shoes and get you some grass, bare feet to the Earth, do this daily ( even if only for a few minutes), Do it DAILY! Take care of every living being, including self.

IMG_2677.JPGYou are coming out of a dark time in one’s life. where doubt and concern of ones path has been taunting and questioning oneself. This card signifies you have come through this and the beautiful creature of love is emerging from within. Release all doubts and fears and just give it to God. It is such an important part in your life to be surrounded by nature at least once a day. The fairies and angels urge you to do so. Surround yourself with her for as long as you can in a day! This will do all the necessary healing you seek. Allow the negative ions to balance your energy. Be one with this place. Raise your vibration so you too can speak to the divine more clearly. The time is now for you to open your heart and live your truth. The affirmation the book gives: I am safe, confident, and secure. I feel joyful about my future! 


Thank you God for your guidance and messages from heaven this week. I absolutely love Doreen Virtue, everyone should follow her in some fashion! This is from her deck Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards. I am in love with this deck!

So much transformation and growth is happening in your life at this time. Looking back at previous readings nature is SO important for you at this time. Even if only for five minutes take the time to connect to nature in some way. Tending to houseplants and caring for them is all it takes. Everyone can connect with nature on a daily basis, but, it is even more important for you to do so! Your guides are begging you to get outside more!

Mahalo((thank you)) for stopping by! Have a beautiful, nature filled, week friends! Your true self is awakening and the magic of nature will help the positive expectations you seek come to fruition. Breathe the fresh air in. Care for things and share compassion. Continue to share your authentic self to the world. You are back! And it feels Oh, SO, good!!!

Kisses~ Shanda K




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