Day 2 Day Mumbo Jumbo...


Good day all of you lovely Earthlings! I hope it is has been nothing short of a happy Aloha Friday for each and every one of you.

Last night I rocked out with Andy Frasco and all of my amazing ohana! Today, here at the shop, SLOW day! But , I’m getting lots of things priced and rearranged so no complaints here…. So, I’m pretty sure my soul sistah and I are now Frasco groupies…or at least SupaMan groupies.




Haha! These boys know how to party! Springfield, MO knows how to party. Fro Sho!


Last night I also rocked it out as Holly Golightly. Here I am with my beautiful witchy woman Brittany. I have amazing friends. That is all!

Excited for the weekend ahead. Mommy- daughter date tomorrow, new meditation group Sunday, who knows what in between! Wishing you all a most fantastic day!!! Rock it out like it’s no body’s business…because it’s not!

Yup, you are amazing and fantastic! Keep doing YOU!

Kisses~ Shanda K



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