A message from my guides

Love message: week 10/20-10/26


Here are the cards guided to us this week: Music, Body Care, Children from Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. 

The very first thing that comes to me in this reading is this: Stop taking life so seriously! Lighten up!

Music: I know Monday & Tuesday have already passed but it does not mean that we cannot still immerse ourselves in the sweet sound of music. Whether it be humming a little tune or playing soft sounds in the background of your day the angels are here to tell you to live in the music right now to help you lift your spirits. It can be difficult to place your mind away from worry and daily stresses but music can aid in this. Music helps us lift our spirits beyond Earthbound concerns. Focus on the divine love surrounding you. Delve into the music and lose yourself even if only for a moment. But, the angels encourage this throughout your day. Especially now. Music will help!

Body Care: This is probably something you have been thinking about for sometime now. These Earthly vessels are all we have for this go around and the angels remind us that we must honor and respect our bodies so that we may vibrate at the frequency to match our higher selves. It is important to care for our physical bodies by eating high vibrating foods, eliminating as many toxins as we can and to exercise regularly. Keep moving, stay active…this does not mean you have to go sign up for the gym, the gym isn’t for everyone…but, keep moving, do something! This message is for anyone guided here today, but I know why I got it ( TOO much tequila). I don’t indulge that often, but when I do, I may go a bit to the extreme side of things. Although I always detox after a heavy period of partying it does not take away from the fact that I need to be mindful, always, of my physical body and the things I do. I also know I could work more on the other two aspects as well. How about yourself? However, I would like to add one last thing on this matter. If you do all those things above but do not change your mindset it will not matter. We create our vibration and if your mind is telling you junk all day you will still carry the vibration of junk with you no matter if you avoid toxins, eat right and exercise! Work on that first, the rest will follow. If you are sound in mind would you not feel the need to do good for your body?! Just a thought.

To close our week we have Children: You are asked to pay extra attention to your children or inner child right now. It is a time of play right now for you. Take a step back from the things in life and try to just let them be. Rather than forcing your next move simply enjoy right where you are. Not looking back, not seeking more, simply being. As a child would. When was the last time you got on a swing or played in the dirt? These are the things your angels ask you to enjoy at this time. The simple pleasures in life that we can all enjoy, that most take for granted, or see as a nuisance. If you have children of your own pay special notice to them these next few days. Take notes of life from them. How do they view the world?


I felt the need to pull one power animal card for this week. I may add this to our weekly Angel readings. This is from the deck Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards, By Steven Farmer 


Find the newness and freshness in those you love. Listen intently. Be in these current moments of life! Goes hand in hand with being there more for your children now. Do you really listen to them? With all of your attention?!! It can be easy to take what they have to say lightly but go further than the ” I love you’s” and be THERE, all of you, hearing and caring about what your loved ones have to say.

The card itself reads: Take the time to listen compassionately to those you love. Especially your family members.


The gorilla is a powerful being. Simply gazing at the still creature you can see its magnificence and strength in every breath. Gorilla encourages us that we also need more nature. Surrounding us with the energy of this place. It is something we crave. We must listen to this inner voice. We must connect. Family and the pack is very important to gorilla so pay close attention to the loved ones in your life. Make special time for them. Be in the current moments. Remember “work” is not what we came here to do. Even if we do have  a strong course of work along our path, balance is always key. Gorilla ask you to breath a little slower today. Go at a pace you can really enjoy. Appreciate the group and life that surrounds you.

Remember our music card to start off our week and lead us into the rest. Hum a little more. Sing and dance like a child does. Do it randomly, especially when you feel yourself getting down, or heading to that negative vibration place. Take the time to care for your body. Love yourself as you are to start though! This must happen to really set forth the change you seek. Tell yourself, “I am beautiful just as I am”, believe it, be it! Radiate from the inside, out. Share your authentic self with the world, be real, be more like a child. Spend special time with your children, if you have them. One day they will no longer be around to “bug us” and tell us “ridiculous” stories. One day our elders won’t be there to share the stories of our ancestors and family. One day our paths of other loved ones could part ways and we could miss out on the genuine time that, that part of ones life had to offer for sake of being “busy”. Life is never in such a hurry as we most often make it.

This week reminds us to slow ones roll. Play more. Sing more. Dance more. Get messy. Go slow. Laugh, giggle and squeal like a pig! Sit atop a hill or mountain and gaze like a gorilla. Be here in the moments of life, while listening to some love vibration tunes. Listening in love, compassionately to those you love.

Beautiful evening to all of you!

Kisses~ Shanda K


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