A message from my guides

Weekly Aloha Reading 10-13/10-19

Good morning all you beautiful souls! I am so glad our energies have come to “meet”!

Many of us here on Earth are going through great cycles and change at the moment. There is so much taking place right now! All of it essential to get to the next step. Some of it, too much to bare, but even it can be necessary to get to growth. Only you can decide this for yourself. Remember you are not to blame for everything, in the sense of you didn’t ask for everything you get, most of it, but not all. There will be times where our paths simply cross with another and cause discord. But, even in those moments lessons still remain.

Your angels have a beautiful message for you today. One that continues from last week. A completion of a cycle; the next step awaits. Shine to be you and you will succeed! Do not be afraid, you are right where you need to be.

I have chosen from my Angel Tarot deck this week. I just love the images by Steve A. Roberts that accompanies these beautiful messages from Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.


Our first card to start off our week is the ten of air


The card reads:
The end of a difficult situation. Embrace the change and expect things to get better now. Recovering from an addiction.

Remember an addiction can be, to an emotion or old habit, it does not always pertain to substances, but indeed can. The angels remind you to keep an open mind to the possibilities that surround you. There is always an other way and this card signifies that things are looking up! There may be sadness or mixed emotions of the phase just past but give yourself a hug and tell yourself “you did it, you got this” and get ready for the path ahead!

Look at the amazing mystical unicorn in this image. Welcoming the magic into your life. Did you know you can call on different spirit animals to teach you their medicine or simply use it for a day. They can help show you the next step or how to handle what comes your way. Perhaps the unicorn is with you? Call on them and see. Feel what comes to mind or if your energy changes. Remember to not put limits on what the universe can provide! Unicorn can help you remember the magic!

Here is a snippet from Steven Farmer’s

Animal Spirit Guides


To lead us into the middle of the week we are presented with the

Ace of Water


The card reads: Falling in love or the resurgence of a relationship. Spiritual growth and enhanced intuition. A new home.

You have arrived! Do you feel the love. A love for self. A new found desire to grow and grow into the true divine being you are! The mermaid in this card welcomes you! Another magical being to show you the wonder in this world. The Fae folk and nature sprites are strong with you! Do you feel their presence? Do you welcome it? The more you carry and bring forth this creative magic you posses the more you will flourish!

True friendship awaits you! Rekindle with old like minded friends. Discover new the ones waiting for you! Go out and find the magic, create it! Be you!!! Call on the mystical beings that surrounded you at this time. They too can be your new found love!

Perhaps it is a new found love for self! Our closing card for the week.

Queen of Fire

She is confident, warm, intelligent, and graceful.


The card reads:Stretch your wings and fly! Don’t underestimate yourself. Assert your independence and creativity

Has there been something artistic or creative you have been wanting pursue? Your angels and guides say “go for it!” Fly! You have all that need you need within you to complete your desires. Go out and take action toward your dreams. This beautiful Fairy and her dragon bring forth more power of your true abilities to light. Gaze into her eyes and she tells you to go forth and ride your dragon of life. Trust your intuition in this times. Find the balance between work and play. Seek work that is play. Fulfill your dreams with the magic of this realm. You have great power within you, now believe it!

This is an amazing time in your life. Even if you do not yet see it, trust me friend, you may want to start believing it. Faith is not about always seeing, actually most things we put faith in we cannot see, it is knowing and trusting that all we be okay. What are you creating in your world? Do your thoughts match your desires?

Call upon those who are here for you in the world unseen to help you release the worry and fear. Believe in their magic and they will be there. This weeks reading shows they already are. 😊

You are amazing! I am here to remind you of the beautiful divine creature you are! Go forth and spread your wings!! Fly!! Fly!! Fly!!! Express your creative being to the world! Get out in nature. Your sprite friends will thank you!

Thank you spirit for your message this week. Thank you for sending all who are here for my highest good to play! Thank you for surrounding us with magic yet to be discovered. Thank you for the encouragement to rage out to the true being of my desires! To share my authentic self with the world! Thank you for the time that awaits us. A new beginning. Another phase, the next step…


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