A message from my guides

Weekly Reading 10-6/10-12

As Mercury begins to slow her roll to align back with Earth those sensitive to the shift and many who are not feel the lull. During this  “Mercury in retrograde”  it is a time of selfward conscious thinking. It is not a time to make brash decisions, sign contracts or figure things out. This is a time to appreciate the stillness you feel.

I have decided to do a weekly reading for all of my followers. Either on Sunday or Monday I will draw 3 cards for the week from whatever deck I feel right. (Posting on Tuesday because I didn’t finish last night…oops!)

This week, I am pulling from the Steven Farmer’s deck Earth Magic.


What a powerful reading! Divinely guided, this message is for all who are here.

The order they lay represents the beginning, middle and end of this week.

Our first card, Lightning-“Power”, the power of the universe is visible in everything but nothing quite like the display of lightning across the sky. Followed by the rush of the electricity hitting the air to create thunder the “clap of the gods”.  This card is a reminder of the power at our disposal.It is always around us, part of us, and there for us. We must remember that the power or life force of the world is neither good or bad, it is neutral. It is how we use our power that determines our motives. The angels remind us to not focus or stress on the good vs evil of things. We must simply learn to be . We must know where we sit and live life authentically.  Do not allow yourself to get caught up in the thoughts of good vs bad when making a decision of life. Rather pay attention to spirits prompting within you and your choice will be revealed to you rather than forced. Learn to see the divine as the neutral force that it is and begin to see that there are many choices beyond our typical perspective. Open yourself up to the power of this place. Open yourself up to the power you carry within you. The life force energy that makes this place tick makes you tick. Feel it. Embrace it. Experience it. Honor it.


Full Moon-“Completion”  Hooray, do you feel it? You are here and you are beautiful. This card is here to let you know a cycle or phase of your life has been completed or is in the process of. Whatever you have been working for has reached its culmination. This may have been a brief cycle or perhaps one that has taken much time, either way the end of the cycle is here! Completion is yours to celebrate. Reflect in the wholeness of the full moon. Let her glow on the Earth wrap around you and assure that you have done well! You are here! This cycle is complete. Feel the joy and contentment that this brings. Satisfaction that your hard work has paid off. That you have learned to harness the power you possess and are ready for the next cycle of your life. However, before rushing into the next agenda it is important to enjoy and rest from the completed cycle. Take a few slower breaths today. Stop to smell the nature before you. Spirit’s next assignment is there, do not worry dear friend. But, for this week appreciate and honor yourself for this cycles closing.


To close our week we have Desert-“vision quest”: This card is one of the more powerful in the deck. When this card is drawn it amplifies the others with it threefold. This signifies needing some  time in solitude. If you can take a few days to go out in nature for a vision quest, by all means do, but even a few hours of this intention will suffice. Take the time to go somewhere you can be alone with nature just you and your thoughts.  Water, a few spiritual items, and self is all that you will need during these few hours. If you chose to do a few day quest a couple more things will be added but still the list applies. Pray and meditate for most of this venture. There are many stories of our ancestors venturing out into the desert to return home with a great message from spirit. Go on your own quest, find solitude, surround yourself with spirit, listen for what to come. See what happens while there. Did any spirit animals visit? What did you hear, smell, feel? These are the moments when silence and solitude serve great purpose. Even a corner in your yard, by a tree will do. Sit alone, sit in silence, pray and meditate.

Thank you God, the angels, my spirit guides all else who are here for our highest good. Thank you for the guidance and your wisdom you share for us this week.

Peace, Love and Happy Travels friends! A beautiful new cycle awaits.


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