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Thank God, for music!

I don’t know about you, but I love to discover new music. It amazes me all of the amazingly talented people out there yet to be discovered. Some better because they have not been. Local music, indie groups, underground genres to tantalize your eardrums. So many eargasms to be had!

I without a doubt believe that some  of the reason our generation is changing; is music. I believe that music changes the vibration of our being, opening up those who engulf themselves with the endless sea of magical sound waves to awaken ones cells. Our body hears the beat, our soul begins to quiver, our ancestors come alive. I love to turn on random new music, thanks to stations like Spotify, close my eyes and DANCE! Move every part of your body. Far and wide, up and down, all over the place. Feel and see the energy through your third eye. Feel your soul stretch around your being. Feel your aura beginning to expand. envision the vibrations pushing out your intention to the world, push out love. Smile while you dance. Don’t dance like no one is watching. Hope someone is watching and decides to dance along. Dance with meaning, with purpose, in love. Let your light shine and share a little groove with everyone, anyone, you meet. Share special little moments dancing with oneself. Dance like it’s the last movement your body will muster! Rock it out so hard that you can’t help but scrunch your face in that awkward position that most have when really focused.

Don’t be a hater of music. My advice, don’t be hater of anything. This does not include things like people not treating people like people. You’re a douche and I will always disagree with that. But, none the less I still would not hate you for it. In fact I would send more love your way and hope my compassion can change your mind to try a different way. Perhaps engulf yourself with some peaceful sounds. Don’t just listen to the same old thing, or only things “you like”. If you can’t even give new tunes a chance, how could you possibly welcome other change in your life? Seems the task would be much harder if you can’t even welcome new sound.

Now, I very much can appreciate some good hardcore music. There was a period in my teen years where this kind of angry tune proved very beneficial for a release that was very much needed. I can no longer listen to that kind of music daily, or want to, as it truly affects my demeanor and the vibration I carry. I am far too sensitive to my surroundings to engulf my being with this kind of music. Yet, I still see its purpose, I appreciate the musicality and talent within the musician. And you can bet there are times where an old school beat and a bit of nostalgia is exactly what ones needs to start a day or release some funk.

Look around at any music community and tell me that music doesn’t change us. Music connects us. Even during times of seclusion we humans have had a heart song, a steady beat carrying us through the rhythm of life. Each of us perfectly in tune to run like a well oiled machine when we carry a true vibration of love. Nature has a rhythm. Machines have a rhythm. The concrete jungle has a rhythm. EVERYTHING has a rhythm. Even silence helps emphasize the beat. Music friends. Thank God, for music!

Silence and Solitude can be just as equally appreciated; as it should be. But, for today, MUSIC!! Turn on some tunes, discover something NEW, close your eyes and DANCE!! Do it! Come on don’t be a baby, don’t make excuses, you got this! Feel how good it feels. Turn on something happy and feel the cells in your body respond. Move effortlessly, let your soul take lead. Do what your body wants you to do. Don’t feel weird or think of being strange. Move what your mama gave you!!! Explore new depths within your very own bubble. Stretch your arms from side to side….SWAY! Do it all. Move slow; then fast! Pause, gyrate, shimmy!!!

Here is one of my newly discovered tunes that I am really digging!

And this one…





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