Day 2 Day Mumbo Jumbo... · Pondering Thoughts

Let that shit go!

Breathe;let it go. Let it go; Breathe. We do not need to agree with everything see. We also do not need to argue to simply prove a point. A point can be proved in silence. Through action. There will be many things that cross through our world that do not resonate within. So, what? Leave it be. Let it go. Choose not to take it in. Your worry, your stress on the matter, your focus on how to change that which you do not like; only gives that very thing the power. Make the conscious effort to let the petty bull shit in life roll of your shoulders, let it slide, leave it be, move on; thank you, come again. The sooner one can understand that life will throw rocks, that we need the comparison to truly understand the way of light, the closer to one’s higher self you will absolutely be. We chose the path of most experiences, so with that comes great pleasures and pains. It is how we act through the moments of adversity that truly allow our genuine beings to shine. Do you like what you see, what you feel, who you are? For just one day try letting it all go. Put one foot in front of the other with the attitude to just let life flow. Let it flow through the currents of your day with a cool breeze and gentle touch. Do the opposite of what you feel compelled to do. Unless of course what you feel is an action of love. Then do that. But, if you are stressed, in a hurry, worried, afraid, or living in any other form of fear that is no longer suiting you….

Breathe; let it go. Let it go; breathe.



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