Pondering Thoughts

Forget the funk

If you are human, you get in a funk from time to time. As of lately my goal with self is to eliminate as much of the funk as possible!

Recently I bought Doreen Virtue’s course on growing your spiritually based business and well, it was just what I needed to get my fire flaming high. One part in particular was this little snippet: “if you are meant to help many, your ego will scream the loudest”.
Like a ton of bricks that statement hit me and I have been working on controlling all the me, me, Me thoughts that happen in my day. I constantly think of what people will think of me. It can be easy to play the victim card but really as a spiritual facilitator I was thinking all the wrong thoughts. Constantly worried about me me me!! Instead of focusing on what I can do for my clients. Instead of focusing on how I can help others, my ego would often think of the “harm” done to me, which was actually created in my own mind, or it would focus on judgement which is still all EGO.

It feels good to be back to my practice. To wake up and focus my true intentions for the day. To align with my souls purpose the more I grow and transform. My mantra as of late is this: there are no mistakes in my creative process only room to transform and grow

Do you have a daily mantra, manifesto, affirmation?! If the answer is no, I would highly recommend one. Even something as simple as I love myself can change ones whole day around. It surrounds your being with the light of the divine and something as simple as a phrase can change everything!

It shows you are taking the time to put forth effort to change. Change is the only thing that is really certain in life. Nothing is guaranteed, but change in everyone’s day will happen one way or another. Whether we match the change we desire or not is up to only the individual at hand. But, we can all take little steps daily to help eliminate the funk. It is a choice to live there…so stop it, right now! ☺️ well at least try!

Go create your affirmation and say it loud and clear!!!

I love, love, LOVE you all!!!!


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