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Yay, for fairies!

I have always been drawn to the nature spirits of this place. Some like to call them Fair Folk or Fairies, I don’t care what you call them; I like them. This isn’t about arguing if they are real or not. I have my opinion, you have yours. After all if we proved without a shadow of a doubt that Fairies were indeed real it would then lose the magic of it all…don’t you think?

The girls and I have recently started our fairy garden in our back yard.


Isn’t it cute? We have BIG plans for this part of our yard! Learning to grasp my inner child, using my imagination again like I once did. My girls eyes light up when I talk about fairies and the things we can do for them in their new filing cabinet turned fairy oasis! I sense moments of pride, they are proud their mommy can still see the magic in this place.

The new focus on the fairy folk has also brought out all sorts of nature for us to enjoy. It’s SO exciting! Every person should try fairy gardening at least once, especially if you have children!! Even if you don’t, you too can benefit!

Well, I’m off to spend this beautiful weekend with my family. Date night with the hubby tonight! Yippee! Have a safe Labor Day friends. Leaving you with some pictures of the joy in my life and the nature the fairies have attracted to our yard. It’s only just begun!
Sending so much love to all of you! Thanks for stopping by.

Peace, love & happy travels- Shanda K








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