Happy Aloha Friday to YOU

Today is a brand new day. I woke up feeling refreshed. I took the time to do for myself what I recommend to others. I took the time to practice what I preach.

Grounding is so important. In the hustle and bustle of life when you cannot just go out into nature, we can all find a piece of ground, a piece of nature. Standing bare feet to the Earth does wonderful things for our energy. Giving us the negative ions we all so desperately need. Unless of course you are an outdoor enthusiast. Then you get your dose of it all the time! Which is awesome.

In my meditation it also came to me that I must step away from the devices. I have been especially conscious of this when it comes to spending time with my children.

They are having free time right now in our day. Kiana is making paper beads, my younger two decided to watch a movie, and mommy is taking the time to check her phone now. When free time is up, mommy’s phone time is up.

I refuse to be the person who lives there life through a screen. Sure I’ll share and I will still use it daily because it also helps my work, but, when with people; I will be with people! Last night in my reflection time for bed spirit showed me that much of the frazzle is from constant use of too many devices. He reminded me that grounding and rooting is one of the biggest pieces of advice I give and there is a reason…because I need more nature!

Nature truly does show me the way. I have always had a connection with nature. I feel it in so many ways. My kids love it too! So, here is to exploring more, technology less, being available in the current moments of life. Practicing what I preach.

Life can throw us all a doozy at times but remember to match the vibration of that in which you seek!

Happy Aloha Friday! Today is a brand new day!


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