Anxiety sucks

The past few days have been a series of test. Spirit is testing my strength, my growth. I feel this wrenching in my stomach and throat. A nervousness I am trying to let go.

Feeling the pains of those near by is a hard one to let go, controlling my empathic ways. So much is happening in our world there are days it is hard to focus only on the love, on the light.

Meditation and Breath keeps me on my path. There are still days where crying and being mad at the lack of compassion in our world is all I can feel. Days where I feel guilty for preaching a message of love when so many are suffering.

Spirit reminds me this is why I share my message of love and light to dissipate fear. To enlighten and help my fellow brothers and sisters find their way to their higher selves.

Human consciousness gets in the way though and even I have days when all I can do is release the sadness and negativity; when all I can do is cry. These days are much further and father in between then once before. Proof that I have grown. That I am on my way.

Releasing this feeling of anxiety. Releasing this fear of judgment. Knowing I am here for purpose. Here to share the light.

I have no room for anxiety, I have no room for fear. Inhale;4 counts, pause;4 counts, exhale;4 counts, pause;4 counts, repeat…breathe!


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