Day 2 Day Mumbo Jumbo...


Disrespectful and rude people drive me bananas. I tend to put my thoughts and emotions (how I would treat someone) to play when I should not. I hold high standards for people, I know I should not expect anything of anyone, but I do. I treat people how I want to be treated, is that not one of the biggest “rules of life”? However here I am realizing that I am not the norm, that I can’t expect anything from anyone other then myself, that only I can change how I feel about any situation. It can be hard though…to give someone so much respect and love and get nothing in return. It hurts, after all I am human. The difference in the me of today vs the me of “yesterday”…I see my purpose, I see my path…I see I do not have time to waist on those who do not see. I have too much light to share. There are far too many who ARE ready to see, they are where my focus should go, more importantly my focus should be on me! I cannot worry about people who do not matter in my life (not to be confused with people don’t matter) worry in any form has no place in my life any longer. It fills my heart and mind with too many undesirable things…things I DO Not want to create! Remember dear your thoughts become things. Kisses, wrapping you in love. Let it out. Let it go! Releasing here….


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