Pondering Thoughts

Change is a beautiful thing

Change is a beautiful thing. I once viewed change as a loss; rather than the gain it is. There is no one here who cannot attain connection with their higher selves.  A beautiful connection with spirit. Make the moments in this life count by truly living in the here and now.  Live your hearts desires, drop your guard and share your authentic self with the world. Do not be afraid of the judgment that will surely come your way. There will always be people in those moments who simply do not understand. It is okay. Move on. Leave them to their path as you gratefully continue down yours. When we stop allowing the opinions of others to matter, our true intentions and actions have moments to shine. Live in the light and life will be glorious, guaranteed! It does not mean there will be no moments of peril; these are the lessons we bring forth to encourage change.  It does mean the proper light will be shed on the situation and you will see the moments of growth, you will drink up the essence of the lesson, water your seed, and shine shine shine. Share your authentic self with the world. What have you got to lose? Change is a beautiful thing. Embrace it. Welcome it.  Learn from it.

Sit out for a moment this evening with the waxing  moon  and push out the intention of love for this world, for change. Focus your breath on source, god, the universe, and all that is. Send healing to all who need it; plant, people, particles, all of it. With each person who gives their life to being the you source created, the you, YOu really are, the vibration of this place is lifted to the light. Light will prevail it is merely an illusion of time. Stop waiting for the “right moment” to start living for you.  Now is the right moment. Here as you read these words let them light a spark within. Tell yourself “I am alive, I am love”. Live it. Be it.

We cannot deny that our world is suffering, but we also cannot focus on this fact.  To be aware is one thing, to push out worry based on the very thing we fear, is counterintuitive. Passion and paranoia do you know the difference? Many things in this world have a fine line of separation, seeing through the bull shit is a must these days. Find something to be passionate about like saving the world, but remember while you are out there saving to push out a vibration of light for the very things you are trying to heal. If you spread only statistics of fear and negativity, think to oneself is this what I want to do for said thing you are saving? Yes we do need to wake up. Yes people need to be educated. Simply try to send love to the situation as much as possible. The way man has lead this world for centuries is failing us. Slowly the collective consciousness is changing, awakening.  We see that something must be done. We feel change is in the air.

I am a firm believer that history has been repeating itself for eons. With each push of the button, with each realm coexisting, we are remembering our truths more and more. The information highway is at our fingertips and people are seeking the answers.  We are given more tools to make communication with the masses possible. Think about it everything falling into place for change. As I contemplate the history of man, what has really changed? Take away the “knowing for certain”, what science has taught us about our lands and think of how we would have viewed the world (which was always drastically changing) 100 or heck 1,000 years ago. Would we not view it in the same exact turmoil we face today,would our cries be very different?

Please keep in mind I feel the suffering of this place. I see we are the brink of a major shift, a change. But, just look at it for what it is, can you not see the repetition in our steps? We are becoming closer to not repeating. I also believe higher versions of ourselves are watching waiting,guiding at this very moment. I see the tools spirit has put into this generation and the generations yet to come. Who knows maybe there will be complete annihilation, but this we cannot focus on.  We must have faith that change is coming, that it is here. What vibration and thought do we want to push out for our world? Think about it?

The powers at bay cannot keep their secrets in forever. Already they are beginning to slip through the cracks. It is only a matter of time before something happens that will push even more of the masses toward the light. Their lie’s help us daily.

With that being said. Focus on change for oneself first. We cannot even attempt to heal this place if we ourselves are not healed first. We must align with our higher selves to bring forth the most change we can for this place. When we are all tuned in, turned on, and tapped in we do far greater good for the vibration of this place then we can fathom. Change is a good.  Change is beautiful and brings the growth we all desire. With each new breath, breathe forth the intention of positive change in your life. Feel, see, believe.  I cannot stress enough, how great it feels, to share your authentic self with the world. The time is now my friends. The time is NOW!



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