Are we doing all we can?

Yesterday I witnessed a lady helping a family of geese across the outer road on the way to Springfield. At first I began to cry tears of happiness that there is good in people, that she took the time to care to stop the oncoming traffic so they could cross safely. Then I began to bawl like a big baby, because I thought about the fact that we are destroying the Earth and they had to stay here to mate and raise their young. I realize that Missouri is in the region that they do stay all year, but the bottom line is things are changing. All around us this place is begging us for change. I know lots of people who care…I know WAY too many who do not. I feel the pain that this place is enduring, my heart breaks. I know I must continue doing my part, sending out this message of love, but excuse my french…SHIT is getting real. Wake up people! Take the time to care about something other than what is right in front of you!! Sure enjoy yourself, but take the time to realize even after we are gone our children, grandchildren and those to come into this world still will remain. Remain with what is the question? I do not like to send out messages of fear, this is real, and I am ranting from a place of love. Love for mankind, love for this place we call home, love and respect for spirit and the things he has gifted to us. Do not get me wrong I enjoy modern luxuries just as much as the next person, but I cannot deny this tug at my soul. This knowing that this place is suffering, badly. It baffles my mind that those “in charge” (everywhere, not just America) just flat out don’t care. I am TOO young to be able to say this world is rapidly falling apart. I am too young to say food does not taste the same as when I was younger (no one should say this, food from seed should taste like food). With all that being said I also see the repetition throughout the existence of the human race. History indeed repeats itself. I also understand that more information is readily available to us these days, than before, and not all of it is accurate. Even without all of this information; just look around. If you cannot see the difference in the animals of this place, in the greed taking over, in the lack of caring for our home and one another, then you are part of the problem; bottom line. It is too easy to fall into the darkness that society has deemed normal. I do it from time to time and my carbon footprint is still too big;in my opinion. Do we all have to join communes, no, but should we not all care? This is OUR home. Even if we have faith that there is another waiting does that give you the right to just sit idly by waiting for the second coming? I don’t think any of the ascended masters who came here to teach would just sit by watching the Earth fall apart. They are crying for us to WAKE UP! I can only do my part, this must be my main focus. But even those who live in love like myself have bad days. Days when the weight of the world comes crashing down on them. Days when tears flow uncontrollably for the suffering taking place;I feel Mother Nature’s cry. My soul has a message to share, so many do not hear, or care. How can they not see the changes year after year? Less bugs and birds. Fewer animals roaming and less life in the sea. Radioactive meat. Seeds that do not create more seeds. This rant could go on and on. I am not intending for it to spread fear. But instead to wake even just one person the F up and start loving, caring and understanding that we are ALL connected. Not just humans but the animals, the oceans, and rivers, the sky and the earth below. Are ONE. If you believe in a higher power but cannot agree with what I am saying here…well then my friend…you have it a little wrong.

I thank spirit for the days he gives me, to do all the good I can. I will share the light of spirit. I will be that helping hand. I will continue to grow in love, continue to give back to the land. Spirit trust you and me, are we doing all we can?!


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